The Chronic Pain Lie


Are you still in pain? Have you been diagnosed with chronic pain of any kind? Have you ever been prescribed opioids for your pain? If you answered yes to any of these, then you are a victim of the biggest medical lie that keeps you in pain!

Why Is This A Lie?

Because the medical establishment earns revenue from keeping you sick and in pain! If you knew that your chronic pain actually has a very simple cause that you can see for yourself, then you would have cured your chronic pain a long time ago and never stepped foot in a doctor’s office or ever bothered to ask for a drug for your pain. Believe me when I say – your doctor, hospital and of course the drug-makers desperately don’t want that! They need you to remain sick and in pain every day, so they can addict you or force you to buy illegal opioids off the street, which will eventually force you back to the hospital from an overdose or worse. The entire medical industry is designed to keep you sick, keep you in pain and of course keep you coming back! Of course they try not to kill you too quickly, because a dead patient can’t pay anything, but a patient slowly dying will pay anything and everything they can to stay alive. In other words, the more desperate they make you feel, the more you will pay. How do they keep you desperate? FEAR!

The Truth Is – What Causes Chronic Pain & Inflammation Is An Injury That Has Never Healed! And Do You Know Who Caused This Injury Inside You To Never Heal? They Did!

Does this sound too simple for you? Then it must be true, because truth is always simple, often times too simple. You were brainwashed to believe there’s no cure and it’s genetic, so you must take opioids for the rest of your life, but these are all lies! To earn more drug profits, doctors create names for your chronic pain, based on where the pain is and how the pain reacts, for example lupus, fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, lower back pain, neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, cancer, muscle pain or anywhere else you feel pain, a disease name will be created for it, so doctors can prescribe drugs to it.

But All Pain, No Matter Where You Feel It, Has Only One Cause – Injury Yet To Heal!

Can you see this? I hope you can see this now, because you can now start healing your injury and reversing your chronic pain, no matter where it is, once and for all! And just in case you still picture pain only as a skinned knee or a broken bone, both of which are clearly visible, the injury I am talking about is not visible, because it’s inside, at a cellular level. For example, when your pancreas becomes damaged over time, you develop diabetes; when your joints become damaged, you develop arthritis or gout; when your blood becomes injured, you develop headaches, migraines, even lupus or fibromyalgia – yes, even your blood can become injured, because well, your blood is made up of cells, too. So, you can see why your internal injury starts with your damaged cells that never heal and only become worse and worse.

That’s Why You Must Heal Your Injury At A Cellular Level, Where The Injury Begins!

Once you do this, your pain, no matter where you feel it, will gradually heal every day, until the pain is gone. Most already start feeling less pain within a couple days, and this isn’t temporary improvement, either, but real permanent healing. Would you like to finally start healing your injury once and for all? Would you like to never need another drug, ever again? Then you must start healing your injury the right way, so it never comes back again.

How Do I Start Healing My Injury The Right Way?

Excellent question! First, you must change what you eat for your breakfast every day to very healing plants that are 100% pesticide-free, 100% GMO-free and of course raw. When you do this, the longer you continue, the more your injury heals and the less pain you feel. You must be consistent of course, otherwise the injury will not heal completely and you’ll still feel some pain. The goal here is for you to completely heal your injury or injuries, so your pain never returns. Already thousands of people have cured their chronic pain this year, and you can be next!


Dr Wayne
Food Scientist and Prolific Writer
It's a privilege to be writing for NaturalNews, because truth is so hard to find these days. Truth is not something you create, but find! If you are one of the fortunate few to find this truth, then you can finally be free from the pain and suffering so many others out there must endure every day of their life.

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