Chronic Diseases Can Be Reversed With Functional Medicine


Do you or any of your loved ones have an unsolved chronic disease or illness?

Functional Medicine could be your answer.

Functional medicine is available now to revolutionize all medical care because it is based on the more demanding standards of the scientific method. It will ultimately be shown to achieve better results than conventional medicine especially for the treatment of chronic medical disorders. A new “standard of care’ needs to be adopted to replace what exists now.

The motto of Functional Medicine practitioners is:
“If you don’t test, you’ve guessed.”

You have probably seen TV shows like CSI which use extensive laboratory analysis to solve various crimes. Functional Medicine doctors use the latest, cutting edge, diagnostic testing that gets to the root cause of any chronic medical disorder.

Modern medicine has made great advances in the treatment of acute health problems, but more and more the public suffers from chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, drug addictions and auto-immune diseases.

Why is that?

Technological innovations have increased so much in the last 20 years that medical schools have not been able to keep up with the latest discoveries. Especially in biochemistry, the gap between what is known and what is taught is so great that conventional medicine does not even have an understanding of what is available now.

Therefore, most physicians are not adequately trained to:
1) order the appropriate lab tests
2) analyze the tests and
3) give the best protocol for healing.

Once doctors start realizing the wisdom of doing an in-depth investigation to find the unique, root cause of why the patient is suffering, they will never be satisfied with guessing again.

Functional Medicine is The Future of Medicine

Functional Medicine creates a scientific rationale for the prevention of chronic diseases through:

1) nutrition, diet, and lifestyle changes
2) stress-management techniques and exercise
3) the latest detailed laboratory testing (blood, urine, saliva, stool and hair testing) and
4) prescribed combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets and detoxification programs.

Also, the unique genetic makeup of each person is considered as it could be an important factor.

This integrative individualized approach is the answer for the future of medicine to truly help people overcome their chronic health disorders.

The “problem” for the public at this time is locating a Functional Medicine Doctor because there are not many qualified.

Here is one directory resource: Find a Functional Medicine Practitioner

For more information about functional medicine visit: The Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics

Howard Jamison
Support Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine and alternative methods of healing.