Christmas Music that Heals – The Power of Sound for the Holidays


Christmas music is upon us! How healing is it?  Music isn’t just music. It’s tones and sounds that have an affect on our health- our physical body, our mental and emotional wellbeing. It can have a spiritual affect also. We may have all heard the suspenseful music played during a dramatic movie, or the sad pieces played during a funeral. Music can be powerful.

Music is especially influential when it is played all day long in an office or at home. Or  when it is repeated on the radio or even commercials played over and over again. Some stay on our minds and memory to a point that we can sing and remember the tune even when it is not even playing. Christmas is a very special time when we hear holiday songs over and over again.  Music is a great holiday gift!

Studies by Dr. Emoto have shown that the cells of water can change according to the words and tone that is used. The experiments show that positive words, music with good tones, and prayer are all very beneficial for water and create a balanced and beautiful water crystal. The opposite is true with negative words and negative tones which produce a disorganized water crystal. Since our bodies our 70% water, his studies and research are a very important contribution. Are you listening to healing music this Christmas?

Our whole universe consists of vibrations. The power of sound caused by these vibrations can cause energy patterns to change. The type of vibration and tone or frequency which is created will determine if the changes are for better or for worse. Sound healing and vibrational healing are new therapies developing.

Certain tones and frequencies have been discovered to be very beneficial. Some can clear subconscious blocks, increase energy, promote harmony, help us to achieve our goals and promote mental health.  Others can remove negativity, promote true peace, repair health, allow forgiveness, help us reconnect with our true selves, and strengthen our connection to our highest power- the Divine.  Will you enjoy healing music for the holidays?

These are some of the same frequencies that were used in ancient times in music by monks, priests, and others. This was the music that was enjoyed by kings, queens and royalty. NOW these highly beneficial tones and frequencies are available again today. They are available in music specifically created with these healthy tones and frequencies.  Enjoy such songs such as “Joy to the World”  and “Angels We Heard on High” knowing you are receiving health benefits.  The Christmas Healing Tone music with FREE audio links and more can be found at www.ClearChoices.Net


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