Choosing a Protein Powder That Is Good For You


If you’ve visited a supplement store recently, you might see that there are many protein powders available on the shelves.  They come in all different types like whey, soy, pea, and different flavors such as rich chocolate, milk, caramel toffee fudge, etc.

Protein powders are basically supplements that can help you increase your protein intake. They can be added into your shakes, brownies, and pancakes. They can also be dissolved into milk, or poured over your breakfast cereal. When choosing the right protein powder, take into consideration your needs and decide which one fits your taste.

The question here is which one will work best for you? Should you choose soy? Pea? Whey? Do they have any differences? Which one will give you the best results? If you’re unsure on what protein powder to try, this article will help you choose among the many kinds of protein powder.

1. Whey Protein Powders

Milk contains two kinds of proteins: whey and casein. Whey proteins are often formed as a by-product during the production of cheese. This makes whey one of the best sources of protein. It also contains 9 of the most essential amino acids needed by our body. Furthermore, whey is the most affordable kind of protein powder available on the market. They are also the easiest to find, for more often than not they are available in almost all retail stores, and in many grocery stores.

2. Pea Protein Powders

Pea Protein powders are raw milk based powders especially made to give you your much needed nutrition and balanced protein for every of your meal. Many fitness enthusiasts recommend pea protein powders as many people don’t develop allergies to plant based proteins compared to animal based protein mixes.

3. Casein Protein Powders

Casein is very similar to whey, as they come in the same source – cow’s milk. But unlike whey, our stomach doesn’t digest casein easily because of complex interactions between stomach acids and casein. Casein is better preferred to whey when it comes to supplements since they can be effective for longer hours. Basically, you won’t feel hungry even after 10 hours without food.

4. Egg White Protein

This protein supplement is made from dried egg whites turned into powder. Egg white protein are much easier to digest than casein, hence are not much effective when it comes to muscle protein synthesis.

5. Soy Protein Powder

Another kind of plant-based protein, soy contains almost all of the essential amino acids needed by your muscles to grow. Not only good for your muscles, soy is known to reduce risks of many kinds of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular problems.

6. Hemp Protein Powders

 Naturally made from hemp seeds, these supplements are great for boosting muscle ad lowering protein content. With just 15 grams per scoop, you can get your daily dose of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids.  If you’re more focused on reaching your overall nutrient, not just protein, try hemp protein powders.


Armela Escalona
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