Chocolate lowers diabetes risk


It’s true! Chocolate lowers diabetes risk. Research has now shown that eating chocolate daily can lower the risk of getting diabetes.

Research on chocolate and diabetes risk

The research was based on consumption of one ounce of chocolate. In the study, participants were asked to eat one ounce of chocolate. That is the equivalent of one square of chocolate, 54 chocolate chips, of two tablespoons of cocoa powder. Data from almost 8,000 people was analyzed. The people who ate one ounce of chocolate per month were found to have a higher rate of contracting diabetes. Those who ate chocolate four times a month, or more than twice a week, had a 13% lower incidence of diabetes later in life. The study concluded that between two to six ounces of chocolate a week lowers risk of developing diabetes, but that further research is required.

Chocolate and heart health

Chocolate has also been shown to help with the health of the heart. Seven different studies showed a combined 37 percent reduction in heart disease risk in those eating chocolate. A 29% reduction in the risk of strokes was also reported in those eating chocolate compared to those who did not.

Dark chocolate is best

When eating chocolate for its health benefits (and who doesn’t eat chocolate for its health benefits, right?) experts agree that dark chocolate is best. Milk chocolate contains milk and sugar and dilutes the amount of chocolate per serving. Studies suggest that chocolate containing at least 60% cacao or cocoa provide the best health benefits. Dr David Katz of Yale University, has commented, “We don’t yet know enough about optimal dosing to best use this food ‘as medicine.”

So take the good doctors advice and eat one ounce of chocolate a few times a week, until further research confirms more details. Anyone want to volunteer?

Melanie Grimes
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