chelation….done right


I recently have heard a lot of people talking about cleansing and promoting certain products for supposedly being safe, easy to use, supplemental chelator’s, chlorella, sulfur, zeolite,cilantro,selenium,and others.

I want to be very clear as this issue is very important. I have experimented enough to know that when dealing with toxicity, especially mercury…these weak bonding chelator’s, cause more harm than good. Sore joints, headaches,flu symptoms are major detox symptoms, which, if really toxic already, the body and organs can be damaged while trying to eliminate these toxic elements.

Don’t get me wrong here….I think all of these products are great, just not always safe and smart! I think sulfur is amazing and if u start taking it and feel great, awesome!! If u have strong detox from it, well that is a clue. Zeolite, chlorella and diamotaceous earth are amazing….for some people.

Now, this is my concern…I believe most people have some form of mercury toxicity, with a lot of us having higher amounts HIDDEN in tissue. So doing things right is the smart way to go about it.

I got acutely poisoned during 4 amalgam removal, by a quack,a dental mad batter! I had no idea the dangers then,plus safe removal protocols. Well I got a large dose of mercury vapors on those two visits. Symptoms started shortly. Tremors, kidney and prostate swelling, etc were first, then others came over the years.

A few months after the removals, I still had no idea…then a film I rented, the beautiful truth…..blew my effin head wide open! Flouride, mercury vapors, dental madmen, toxic everything! I watched that film in horror! I knew immediately what was going on in m y body! Scared, I immersed myself in natural health, fasting, cleansing, herbs, coffee enemas, sulfur, Pca ex, cilantro,etc!

Now, right away it was great! I juiced for 21 days! Lost 55lbs in 4 months…all seemed great! Immune system was strong, etc. Fast forward 4 yrs, doing a lot these modalities along the way….only to be caught in a continuous battle of cleansing. Why? Because Candida and other issues are symptoms of mercury poisoning. I believe almost all auto immune problems can be traced to metal toxicity, namely mercury! So Candida is dangerous to fight and kill off, because Candida is a sort of protection mechanism in the body with a heavy metal burden. Kill the yeast, release more toxic waste into the blood, a constant never-ending battle!

Enter proper chelation. First organs need to be moving, working, eliminating. Milk thistle and kidney support herbs for sure. Big fiber diet, chia, flax, intestinal movement formula, lots of pure water and juices. Now enter a proper chelator, ala or oral dmsa and take as the half life cycle….meaning every 3hrs for ala, every 4 hrs or dmsa. Ala works on the brain as well….start very slow and steady. The lower the dose, the easier to build up. Ala is not smart to take once daily in high doses. Iv chelation is also dangerous I believe. Dr. Andrew Cutler put this plan together and it’s working for some. The half life strategy keeps the chelator in the blood continuously, so mercury isn’t just being stirred and dumped. Do for 3 days on and 4 days off…to give the body rest. Slow and steady!!

I will say this…chlorella, sulfur, zeolite, vit c, diamotaceous earth,b vitamins, selenium and zinc, and coffee enemas should be used during the days while u have a strong chelator in the blood. These products will help during treatment, imo.

Please study Cutler and his protocol, get smart and get healthy! Please send this far and wide, as I truly think this info is vital to all people!

Peace unto you!