Charlotte’s web for seizures, children and marijuana


While the name Charlotte’s web may bring about memories of a magical spider that could spell and brag about her friend’s greatness in web forms in the iconic book by E. B. White (1), there is also a strain of sativa that is equally as magical in regards to the medicinal qualities that have been associated with the marijuana strain.

What is Charlotte’s web?

Charlotte’s web is a specific strain of sativa marijuana that is high in cannabidiol, also known as CBD (2).

The potency of Charlotte’s web is carefully monitored and cultivated under specific guidelines by a company called The Stanley Brothers in Colorado (2). However, in July of 2015, it was revealed that St. Johns County may be added to the list of locations where the strain can be grown and cultivated (3).

This particular strain of sativa marijuana is thought to have been named due to the appearance of the web-like trichomes or fine outgrowths found on its flowers (2). It has been suggested that a variety of medical and health conditions can be relieved through the use of items that have high CBD contents, such as the levels present in this breed (2).

While the marijuana plant in general does produce psychoactive properties, the strain from which this plant is derived does not contain any psychoactive properties, making it a good choice for the management of symptoms associated with a variety of conditions (2).

Using Charlotte’s web for seizures

Some families have turned to using Charlotte’s web to treat epilepsy, which is often accompanied by debilitating seizures (4). In 2014, one of the first studies began on the therapeutic effects that can be obtained through the use of this sativa strain on individuals who have been diagnosed with a specific form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome (4).

Dravet Syndrome typically presents as seizures prior to the age of one year and includes seizures that can last for 30 minutes or longer (5). As of July 2015, the study was still recruiting participants for assessment of the antiepileptic effect of Charlotte’s web (6).

Although much of the information on the use of Charlotte’s web is anecdotal, there has been some research to suggest that the use of CBDs for the treatment of various medical conditions is an effective option for individuals who would prefer a more natural approach. In one study of children with epilepsy, it was found that the majority (85%) experienced a sharp decline in the reduction of the number of seizures that occurred (7), making it a beneficial natural remedy for seizure prevention.

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