Are You Certain That You Want To Burn Calories?


Burn Calories?

Why would anyone want to burn calories or burn fat?

Because this is what the echo chamber that is now society has taught them, that is why.

How can one actually burn calories might be a better question.

There are signs all over the commercial gyms implying just this. All over the unthoughtful media and even within the fitness communities perceived experts, all espousing this meme so it must be correct, and the thing to do right?

Yes Burn Burn Burn..

Maybe Not.

The very word calorie is recognized as french in origin and is derived from the latin term, calor.

Calor means, or translates to, heat.  So you want to burn a burn, or burn heat?  This of course makes no sense. Much like all else that is repeated in the mainstream of information with unrelenting frequency without any mindfulness or inspection whatsoever.

I am hard pressed to find many things good that come out of burning anything actually. Perhaps a few, depending on which perspective is looked upon.

Anytime we burn something we leave behind a mess called oxidation.  The literal debris that is left behind from this “burning” that everyone is speaking about wreaks havoc on the human body, particularly effecting those that are the most nutrient deficient.  The rust on iron is also called oxidation. The same exact process occurs in the human body when we “burn” precious nutrients that most wrongly call calories.

Our muscles, tendons, ligaments, plasma, bones, glands, eyes, skin, etc all become demineralized when oxidative damage is present.

Oxidative damage occurs when something or someone gives up electrons as with the burning process. Know also that you are using up precious oxygen in this state. Rust forming on iron or metal would be a slow form of oxidation.  This burning everyone seems to be striving for would actually be the most rapid example of oxidation.

So if you want to your body and mind to oxidize, or age quickly, continue on burning those calories.

A calorie is not just a calorie either, as another repeated saying goes.  Or, are they all created and utilized the same within the body, which is also spread around and generally accepted as factual.

The body and mind would for example recognize pure organic maple syrup and extract the nutrients from it to regenerate and grow.  This though would absolutely not be the case with genetically modified high fructose corn syrup, and for numerous reasons.

Yet they both contain about 2-3 “calories” per gram.

One though is filled with toxins and chemicals while made in a laboratory, and the other contains the life enhancing energy from a maple tree.  The same maple trees that live to be 150 to 300 years old and grow to over 25 feet depending on their enviornment.

All calories are in fact not created equal when referring to nourishing a living being.

How about we partition and utilize our nutrients in the most efficient ways possible, which would have nothing to do with burning anything.

The human being and animals as well function correctly, and regenerate when we are cool, not hot.  We know that most animals that are the coldest in nature also live the longest and it is the direct opposite for those that run hot.  For example whales, elephants, and large crocodiles all live somewhat long lives and all three have cooler body temperatures.  Whereas mosquitos, rodents, and most hummingbirds have very short lifespans because they all use tremendous amounts of energy or “calories” and “run” hot.

There are of course many caveats to what is written here however the larger point is that the human being fares far better, and is in a healing mode when our body temperatures are lower.

Remember the ice baths for football, or the ice pack on the head or injured limb?

Because The Cold Heals.

So burn cd’s and firewood, not calories, and maybe the next time you see this repetitive saying remember, and perhaps share what you may have now come to realize.