CDC Is NOT Incompetent With The Ebola Crisis


Incompetence Comment From An Alex Jones Guest Host

Having been a great admirer of the courageous attitude and work of Alex Jones and the whole staff at and (please get the $6 a month subscription to this great video news source if you want to keep up on what’s really going on in the real news nationally and around the world), I took note of Paul Watson’s recent comments on CDC’s apparent incompetence with regard to the ebola crisis.  He pointed out that in the case of the Dallas man who was the first recognized case there, appropriate safety measures were not being taken.  CDC was not helping to get rid of contaminated bedding, towels, etc. or instructing the residents of the apartment how to do it.   The home was still completely infected and dangerous, and local sheriff’s deputies were even ordered to go inside and serve legal papers without wearing any protection against the virus.  In addition, not only were planes from affected West African countries entering the US with no restrictions, but infected patients have been brought into the US on purpose “for treatment.”  On the southern US border, waves of illegal immigrants who continue to pour into the country are being given free bus passes to anywhere they want to go, and reports are that they are being allowed to fly on US airlines with no ID’s while TSA continues its ridiculous harasment, groping and radiation treatment of legal citizen passengers all across the country.   This is of course unconscionable, but it is NOT incompetent.

CDC Is Protecting US – Right?

If CDC were indeed trying to protect the people, maybe this could be seen as incompetent, though that level of incompetence would really be hard to achieve honestly unless everyone in the agency is taking a long nap at the same time, every day all day, and on multiple psychotropic drugs.  No, this is not incompetence.  Let’s see what is it?  Oh yes, it is genocide.

Concerning the quality of CDC’s commitment to protect the American people, some of you may remember that recently it was exposed on Alex’s show and by Jon Rapoport, and quite a few others, that CDC had intentionally lied for at least 10 years, pretending they did not know of a connection between MMR vaccines and autism in children.  Their own study had show the opposite, especially in young black boys (see my prior article on why people of dark skin are more affected by many health conditions).  So the authors of the study (including high level CDC officials) that showed the connection is real, lied for all these years, knowing that the continuing vaccinations were damaging many more children, because of their ongoing lies.  This is genocide against mostly children, and is incomprehensible to normal people, which is one of the big reasons the criminals remain at large.  These are the people that are in charge of protecting us from ebola.  Think about that and realize their character and track record, and how many deadly drugs and dangerous vaccines they have guaranteed as safe and effective.

Another reason people cannot realize what is actually going on, is that the mainstream media, which most people still believe covers the real news, has carried on a complete blackout of this and most other real stories, so most Americans still think vaccines are good for them.  Most doctors still believe this nonsense as well, after years of very sophisticated brainwashing which goes by the name “medical school.”

A few brilliant medical doctors, like Sheri Tenpenny, Rima Laibow, Russell Blaylock, Andrew Wakefield and others (watch their videos on youtube) have withstood that brainwashing, taken and made use of the good information they received along with the lies, and done their own research to find out the truth.  Those people have become great public servants (in the real sense) educating the public with real health information.  They have all come to the conclusion that vaccines are spreading disease, paralysis and death worldwide and are a tool of genocide, or more politely termed, “population reduction” (yes, “reduction” of almost the entire population is the published goal).

Ebola is a GMO?

According to Dr. Laibow and others, this ebola virus, which happens to be patented by CDC (did you get that, and do you realize all that it implies?????), was laboratory created and genetically engineered as a weapon, then released accidentally or purposefully in Africa to hopefully be a more successful world pandemic than the failed attempt with swine flu a few years ago.  So far it looks likely to be quite successful.  The criminal media in this country is downplaying the speed of the spread and the likely prognosis for how fast it will be everywhere.  The role of organizations like CDC is to make sure it is NOT stopped.  That is why agents from allied agencies have already threatened dire consequences to anyone publicly telling people that nano silver (10 PPM) and massive continuous doses of vitamin C can save many infected people and help protect others not infected yet. WHO, an international partner agency of CDC, has now ordered African countries they are NOT ALLOWED to test nano silver, which is harmless, but should wait for the experimental vaccine, which many believe will spread the disease even faster and will not help anyone but will be very deadly and profitable.

CDC Stopping The Spread! (Of Real Information)

Yes, instead of giving out the real information, they want the population waiting with great hopes for the vaccine now being rushed through development to save them (like in the movie “Outbreak” – remember?), with fast track approval and no liability for the drug companies making it, no matter how many people it kills.  The truth, according to my own decades of research, is that detoxification of the body (as a lifestyle, not a one time fix) and real nutrition (nothing goes in your mouth or on your skin that is not at least “organic” and completely edible, and the less cooked the better), along with learning positive emotional and mental patterns and proper use of sun energy and Earth grounding, all these things are the real preventative for diseases and so-called “aging.”  Dr. Eisenstein and others have already proven that vaccines do nothing but destroy health and have ruined countless lives around the world, and that children raised with absolutely no vaccines are tremendously healthier than those who are assaulted by those injecting them with toxins through hollow needles (does that sound barbaric and ridiculous or what?).  For more in-depth insight on the vaccine issue, I found the documentary at to be incredibly valuable.  Watch it with attention to detail.

The Underlying Problem

The problem we have here is that those in power are to a large extent psychopathic criminals at the top levels.  In fact calling them that is really unfair.  It is an insult to psychopathic criminals.  Many of those serving them and carrying out the crimes against humanity are just completely brainwashed and don’t realize they are doing anything wrong.  In reality, most of the activities of the federal government are actually completely illegal by virtue of being unconstitutional.  See the enumerated powers clause of the Constitution for a short list of the ONLY things the government is allowed to do, and even those can only be done within limits like due process, conformity to the Bill of Rights, etc.

So the ebola situation is not an example of incompetence, it is an example of a well planned operation working as it was intended, with great cooperation between all the key players.  The objective is to wipe out most of the population with further chapters of the saga and strategy to follow.  Even at this very late hour, I would think it would be prudent for anyone interested in maximizing immunity against this and other diseases to follow a complete detox program as part of an immediate lifestyle makeover.  Is it really worth eating and drinking things that put your life at risk because they are convenient and familiar?  Even if you don’t face this decision consciously, you are making it every day.  You might also want to stock up on things like 10PPM nano silver and vitamin C (see Rima Laibow’s articles on protocol for using nano silver at and more vitamin C information at ).

The Experts Will Save Us, But From What – The Truth?

Waiting to be instructed in what is good for you by experts is suicidal.  So is believing in the TV news being read off teleprompters by people who will say anything that comes on those screens as if it were true.  In fact, so is sitting in front of the TV at all.  What you are never supposed to find out is that you have great brilliance and “common sense” inside you now, and it just needs to be rediscovered, reawakened by a decision to do your own homework, drop the preconceptions, stop defending one label or another and wasting time arguing with people about who is right, and just be devoted to finding out what is really true, in any area you want to learn.  You have the ability to learn the truth about anything you decide to find out.  Schools do not have a patent on learning.  Have faith in yourself.  To quote the military recruiters, “be all you can be.”  It has great possibilities.  But it appears we are about out of time, and we should do it now.

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For

You are the only one who can decide your particular strategy and the type of life you want to live.  I just want you to come out of the trance so you and your family and people close to you can better withstand the multi-pronged assault that is upon us, courtesy of our “leaders” and their hired goons acting as enforcers.  Love is the ultimate power behind everything good we can do.  And by that I mean remembering we are all one family, and truly wanting the best for each other, not for any reward for ourselves, but just because we understand we are all connected at a level much deeper than whatever differences might appear between us on the surface.

I have to admit, I don’t like life tests, as I have great respect for how trying they can be.  But humans learn from hard experience, and a big test is upon us now and growing by the day.  We are all in school.  Not the government indoctrination centers that claim to be educational facilities, but the real school of our lives.  Remember what is important.  You are an incredibly beautiful being and will be OK in the end.  While self defense and the defense of others is an innate right of every creature including us, and it comes from way before anything like the second Amendment was ever conceived, universal unconditional love, rare as it is, is vastly more powerful than anything violence can ever accomplish, and we have our personal connection to it inside, that no one can ever take away.  The most evil of power structures cannot stand against it when it develops fully and spreads in society.  I wish everything good for your life, be well.


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