Cardio and Lower Body Workout for Women At Home


Do you want to shed excess calories and give your body a new attractive shape? Are you afraid of spending a fortune to get a gym membership just because you are not sure if you will be able to pull enough time out of your busy schedule to do justice with your hard earned cash?

Well, relax! We have come up with an incredible Cardio and Lower Body Workout Routine that can be easily carried out at home. This workout is exclusively manoeuvred for women and it will set them free from such kind of tumultuous situations,blessing them with an amazingly harmonised body sitting at home. Try and begin your workout regime.

Cardio and Lower Body Workout is a concise yet effective way of cardio training that aims at toning the belly, especially legs and glutes along while increasing heart rates and improving blood circulation in the body. Not just this, it reduces stress level, improves heart health and increases metabolism rate. Many doctors and fitness trainers often recommend women to implement this routine in their lives.

With the use of just a few equipment, this workout routine can prove to be the best way to mend and enliven our health. Plus, this workout demands a very little time off your hectic schedule. There is a requirement of just thirty precious minutes for it. So, you can comfortably devote yourself to this workout regime. Yeah, that’s the best part! The routine won’t consume much time and still will endow you with a perfectly well-defined body and health. Let’s begin understanding this workout routine in steps:

  • Warm-up!

Before beginning the main workout, it is important to warm up your body. The warm- up exercises start with gradual jogging on the spot followed seal jacks that include opening and closing of arms and legs together. After few seconds, shuffle legs back and forth. Then take each of your heels forward on toes one by one and bend towards them simultaneously with your hands seeming to embrace the stretched out leg. The warming up workout needs some butt-kicking with heels too.For this, take each of your legs backward one by one kicking the butt.

After few butt kicks, drop down your hands onto the floor and take them sideways one by one, stretching your upper body. And then, stand straight with your legs partially opened and stretch each of your arms on the opposite sideways. Finishing up this workout, we go towards upper body stretches and shoulder rotations. The rotation of neck left to right and back and forth is necessary for the flexibility and relaxation of the neck muscles.

These wonderful warm up exercises will reduce muscle stiffness and prepare your body for the following robust workout routine.

There are eight major cardio and lower body workout moves that are to be performed after this warm up session. Let’s do them step by step.

  1. Squat Jacks (sixty seconds)

Start with the Squat Jacks. You need to squat down partially with your legs opened and elbows joined together going towards knees every time you squat down and then jump back to centre.Do it while facing forward and then sideways. Continue this for 60 seconds.It will help strengthen your inner thigh muscles and shape up the front portion of the thighs.

2. Cycle of 4 Hip Thrusters and 6 Bicycle crunches(sixty seconds)

Lie down on the mat, keep the knees bent and then lift and drop your butt simultaneously for four times. And then come to bicycle crunches. Stay laid, lift your head a little and start moving your legs like you do while you are bicycling. Repeat it six times. Then again do the hip thrusters four times, followed by six bicycle crunches. This cycle will continue for 60 seconds.

3. Backward and Lateral Kick (sixty seconds)

Place your step up tool in a centre. Put one step onto the tool and then stretch the other leg outside. Repeat it with alternating legs. Do this for sixty seconds. It will tone up your legs and hips.

4. Hamstring Walk (sixty seconds)

Lie down on the mat, bend your knees, take up your hips and then in this position only move your feet like you are walking inwards and then outwards.Resume it for 60 seconds. Hamstring Walk is the best exercise to burn calories of a lower body.

5. Dumbbell Overhead High Knees (sixty seconds)

This is the fifth and one of the most important exercises in the workout routine which helps you to harmonise the whole body. Pick up dumbbells in both of your hands, take them both upwards, and start bending and straightening each of the knees one by one. Do it for sixty seconds.

Take 15 seconds rest and then begin again.

6. Hydrant to Squat (sixty seconds)

Lie down on your knees and elbows over your mat, stretch one leg with knee bent sideways and then bring to the centre. Repeat it for 30 seconds with the same leg and then do it with another leg for the next thirty seconds.

15 seconds break again and then resume to next exercise.

7. Curtsey Lunge Jump (sixty seconds)

This is a great exercise for the front legs, thighs, and hips. Stand straight. Take one of your leg backward and stretch it towards the opposite side, then bend down on the knee. Do the same with another leg. Keep repeating this cycle for sixty seconds and do not forget to include a small jump when you switch between legs.

8. Lateral Jumps(sixty seconds)

This is the last exercise of this extensive workout routine. For this, you need to keep a box or a step up in the centre. Keep your feet on the either side of the box, jump onto the centre of it and then bring both of your feet in the same position. Keep doing this for sixty seconds. This is an incredible workout for toning your thighs and legs.

So, one round of this workout is completed.Make it an intrinsic part of your daily routine. Believe, it will work wonders for you.

We all love a cardio workout don’t we? Just try out this workout in order to stay fit and healthy!



Aradhana Pandey
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