Cannabis & Cancer: Why the Skeptics are often wrong about alternative cancer treatments


Recent medical marijuana research has reignited the national debate about the potential of the plant for medicinal purposes. Even medical professionals and groups who have used national platforms to decry the merits of medical marijuana have been changing their minds as of late. One of the biggest entities to change their mind about cannabis has been the United States government itself. It’s no wonder the movement is stirring questions about government positions on a variety of alternative medical treatments.


The U.S. Government Finally Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells


A few years ago, there were very few states with any form of medical marijuana program. Now, legalizing marijuana for medical purposes (at the very least) has become popular in many states across the country. This is largely due to the fact that many scientific researchers have openly acknowledged that the properties of marijuana treat certain symptoms of cancer and related treatments (nausea, loss of appetite, etc).


Although the government’s view on medical marijuana use has softened significantly over the past few years, until recently the government has still actively combated the idea that cannabis can help treat cancer. That position has changed.


United States health researches have found that cannabis actually treats the cancer itself (not just the symptoms) by killing cancer cells and blocking cell growth. While the government still doesn’t technically recognize cannabis as a medicine, these findings will no doubt have an impact on future medical treatments.


The Amazing Effects of Cannabis on Cancer


U.S.-backed research has shown amazing effects of cannabis on cancer. Chemical properties in marijuana have shown to be effective on colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and several other types of cancer. The effects include:


Slowed growth rate of cancer cells

By reducing the aggressiveness of the cancer cells, doctors have more time to effectively treat patients.


Shrinking of cancer cells

When the shrinking of cancer cells is combined with other cancer treatments, the success rate of recovery is increased.


Cancer cells killed

The most significant recent findings reveal that cancer cells can be killed by the introduction of chemicals found in cannabis.


All of these benefits are in addition to the positive effect that marijuana already has on the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment.


Cannabis Isn’t The Only Cancer Treatment That Has Been Misjudged


While the popularity of the medical marijuana debate has made cannabis the most noteworthy alternative cancer treatment that the U.S. government has wrongfully rejected, it is by no means the only one. Here are a few other alternative cancer treatments that have shown positive outcomes, but the U.S. won’t recognize:


Bio-immune cellular therapy

This treatment is one of the most advanced medical treatments in existence. Bio-immune cellular therapy entails extracting a small amount of very specific white blood cells and developing high concentrations of them that are designed to combat cancer. This naturally strengthens the body’s ability to fight disease.


Transdermal ozone therapy

With transdermal ozone therapy, ozone is introduced to the body through the skin. The ozone permeates the blood, forcing the toxins that cause cancer out.


Cancer suppression

Cancer suppression is a treatment approach that identifies how different factors surrounding the patient are contributing to their cancer. By following identifying a wide variety of cancer-causing factors, a comprehensive plan for restoring and maintaining health is created.



Cancer rates around the globe have spiked, and the projections are even worse for the future. Between 2012 and 2032, cancer rates are expected to jump by 70 percent. “Lifestyle factors” such as diet and substance abuse have been huge contributors to the growing cancer rate. A thorough detoxification treatment is designed to remove those toxins in the body created by lifestyle factors and other causes.


Why Skeptics Are Often Wrong About The Effectiveness of Medical Treatments


Skeptics like the United State government are often wrong about the effectiveness of cancer treatments for two reasons:


First, there is a lot of money in conventional cancer treatments. There is so much money, in fact, that large medical organizations that profit from traditional cancer treatments will present conventional treatments as new revolutionary ideas, instead of looking at actual revolutionary treatments.


Second, the United States government operates with too much red tape. Despite the fact that they have openly acknowledged that cannabis is helpful in treating cancer, the fact remains that many people in the country will be unable to access the drug legally for medicinal purposes. Despite the fact that bills have been presented in Congress to fully legalize marijuana (and some states already have), it is still illegal in the U.S. according to the federal government. This makes it easy for the FDA to pass over cannabis and its medical value.


Choosing The Best Treatment For You


While the United States government stalls on moving forward with medicinal marijuana and other promising alternative cancer treatments, you don’t have to. There are many doctors and healthcare facilities that recognize the positive effects of alternative cancer treatments. Whether you are interested in seeking treatment outside of traditional chemotherapy or using alternative methods as complementary treatment, you can take control in seeking the best treatment for you. 


Meghan B.