Candida… fungal infection raging inside all, or most Americans, causing everything from adhd, anxiety, brain fog, organs problems,sinusitis, dry mouth, yeast infections, athletes foot, etc, etc! Most people are unaware they even have it, even those who appear healthy and feel mostly ok.

So what to do? Drugs? Anti fungals? Cleansing? Probiotics? Low sugar, low carb? Kefir, yogurt? Well…this is not an easy equation.

First off..imo, Candida is a invasive fungus, but can be a protection device mechanism in the body due to mercury or other toxic metal poisoning. If u had great health, lifestyle, then took anti biotics, this could also be the culprit.

I say protective because the body is very intelligent and from my own experience of acute mercury toxicity, this fungus is there for a reason.

Now, if u do have metal toxicity, which we all do to some degree, but lots of symptoms, body aches, soft teeth, anger, tremors, kidney dysfunction, etc..using some of the above mentioned drugs or supplements can put u in a vicious cycle of cleansing, mobilizing and redistributing mercury and other toxins. Killing Candida is very hard on the blood and organs, as die off chemicals can severely hurt you more than u were.

If it’s mercury….you must start oral chelation First, otherwise you are playing with fire. Trust me, first hand experience is all u need on this subject.

Lifestlye changes that are sound and permanent is the only truly way to eliminate these issues. Dr. Cassar and his terrain modification education is very smart. Chelation, every 3 hrs with ala for days on, 4 off is also really good advice.

Dietary changes, no gluten, no cake, low glycemic fruits, whole non gluten grains, organic meat and farm eggs are all great. Low carb, good carb, good fats,etc are great advice.

Don’t start killing Candida with underlying root causes, u will make things worse. Clear metal toxicity first, change lifestyle, then bring in natural modalities to flip the internal paradigm of fungus in your body!

Here is to uprooting the roots of Candida!