Cancer Treatment, USA…A License to Kill…And An Alternative to Save Yourself!


C-A-N-C-E-R. A six letter word that has grown to be one of the most dreaded words anyone would ever want to hear. A word that spreads fear and dread in the hearts and lives of those diagnosed with it and also their family, friends and loved ones that will also be affected. Before the “ordeal” is over, great damage will be done in the form of eventual death and even to the survivors’ damage in a form of mental, emotional and physical pain and suffering. Why does this have to be? Is it such a cruel and unrelenting disease that the only path during the struggle to survive is full of pain and suffering?

After all, Cancer is a disease, right? NO it is not. What has been labeled and diagnosed as Cancer is a symptom. Cancer is the ‘by-product’, if you will, of a dis-eased and unhealthy body. It is a symptom so important that I consider it your body’s last call for you to correct your lifestyle and get your magnificent body back into a healthy state of balance and back to a state of health so that it can go about healing itself of the causes of Cancer. I know many, many, many people will read this and say I am crazy or just a little off balance. But, I beg to differ with them. My words will give my point of view of this extremely deadly and profitable business of Cancer.

First of all it is hard for me to fathom how you can cure ANYBODY of ANY so called disease by radiating and poisoning/burning them. Let’s say I go for a yearly medical exam. I pass with flying colors and am told I am as healthy as a horse. But, we want to give you chemotherapy and radiation treatments just because. Well now, I in my blind, follow the advice, programmed stupor, feel so privileged to be chosen for such an honor, I say let’s do it. So the very highly trained Cancer professionals with their very highly protected procedures begin this journey of radiation and chemo on me. Wow, what a shock to my once healthy immune system. After the first round of treatments I am a beaten man. My immune system, which is my body’s healing system, has been overwhelmed and pretty much made useless. Now I am helpless in keeping my once healthy body strong and protected as I now have a highly compromised and weakened immune system. I feel miserable all the time and my quality of life has slipped to ‘horrible’. Now I get the word that the Cancer has come back with a vengeance and is spreading rapidly. But WHOA now, I didn’t even have Cancer before I started these procedures. Oh that’s right. Both the radiation and chemotherapy are known carcinogens. They, in and of themselves, can cause Cancer. Oh my word, why do they give it to people then???? Hmmm….

Let’s be honest here folks. The normal Cancer treatment protocol in the United States and most of the world at this time is; surgery, burn and poison. The same it has been for 60 plus years. The treatment the medical field is offering to an already weakened person with an overtaxed immune system is to cut, burn and poison. What a marvelously intelligent way to proceed. I know that these recommendations come from some of the most brilliant minds in science and medicine and THAT my friend is the problem. They are stuck in their programmed box of schooling. Schooling and training that has been financed and written by men and women of a very narrow way of thinking and a very wide way of being profitable above all else. We are constantly inundated with a type of visual brainwashing that leads us to follow the advice of men and women who know little or nothing about us. We follow them into a Hell of cancer torture and debilitating treatments all with their knowledge that it really isn’t that successful or healthy for any of the recipients of these called Cancer Treatments. They become our ‘diseases’ and our killers all in the name of “Medicine”. Those that are the lucky survivors survive in spite of the chemo and radiation. They were the ones that were strong from the offset. They became the lucky ones that had a supreme support system in place and a very positive attitude. A positive attitude that had their eye on the prize of beating this awful scourge.

Let’s say you have Cancer. You give over your Life to “experts” that believe when all they can do fails, and it does very frequently, then it’s time to look to God to save you. After they have taken a body that had a dis-ease and they totally destroy all chances of it to heal, then and only then do they admit defeat. But wait a minute. Which one in this horrible journey is really the defeated one? Which one will live to see another day or another Christmas or another child or grandchild born? Who has given all in this medical adventure and has come up short? Chances are it is you. You the ever trusting patient is the one that has lost. All of this loss and insanity in the name of “Expert Cancer Treatment” by “Experts in their field” have brought about this very sad ending. In most cases, simply because they do not believe and may not even allow the patient to try alternative treatments either as the primary or as a supplemental protocol. They have no faith in alternative treatments and often times ridicule them and pronounce them as dangerous. This declaration coming from someone that has no qualms about pumping you full of chemo and radiating you over and over and that has never studied herbs (the original medicine) or nutrition seems kind of ridiculous to me. It is time we believe in ourselves and make our own choices in this life or death situation. Don’t go blindly into something with someone you don’t know and who doesn’t know you. You know yourself so get all the information and ask questions and get more than one opinion.

Let me tell you about someone I consider an expert on Cancer Treatment. She had a very successful 50 plus year record of healing cancer in thousands of patients over that time period. Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who was given a recipe formula of herbs by a Ojibwa Indian healer to be used in treating cancers. The remarkable thing about this was that she made and administered this mixture for over 50 years to those in need that had been given up on by their cancer doctors and allowed to see her as a last resort. These were cases that were well documented with all necessary tests and documentation from the original doctors and only after these same doctors said there was nothing else to be done, did they allow their patients to go to Ms. Caisse for her treatments. They could be treated by her but were to come back to them(original doctors) for follow up visits. It was then that it became very apparent to all these many doctors that these terminal cases were getting healed and in many instances starting to thrive again. Even in the cases where death did eventually come from the cancer, there was great improvement and they noted that in many of those cases they lived a lot longer than initially thought and without pain or very low amount of pain. She was so successful in her treatments and healing that she came to the attention of the Canadian Government. It was through this “alignment”, if you will, that she was supervised and all her work was highly documented by medical experts and Canadian Government medical experts. She was not allowed to administer her treatment without a written diagnosis of cancer from a medical doctor. Her treatment became the most successful and most documented treatment available. Her treatment became so successful that the Canadian Parliament came within 3 votes of declaring it a cure for cancer before the then equivalent of our AMA and pharmaceutical lobby put pressure on the members and high ranking officials to have it blocked as a cure. It was just too natural and readily available and too cheap.

This was an amazing woman who dedicated her life to healing others and only took donations when offered. Her life and journey of healing and her research under lab conditions with supervision by the government and medical professionals are all well documented and written about. A very good and informative book is “Calling of An Angel” written in 1988 by Dr. Gary Glum. Rene Caisse called her formula “Essiac” as in her last name in reverse. It is also called 4 Herb Tea. The 4 Herb tea formula and also the herbs to make Essiac are available through a few sources. One of the most reliable suppliers with the highest quality herbs and the 4 Herb Tea is Herbal Healer Academy at On this site there are wonderful testaments from users about Essiac and 4 Herb Tea. I have been using 4 Herb Tea for years and it has also been noted to have many other medicinal uses. As in Dr. Glums’ own experience, he used it to heal his chronic bronchitis. Take control and research for your own health and, in cancer situations, your life! As I always state in my blogs; do something at least. Just don’t leave it up to someone else.

I am passionate when it comes to the poor innocent men, women and children being killed by our typical medical treatments. Millions are dying needlessly because of greed and power and ego. That this country and world has come to that is totally abhorrent and opposite of the Hippocratic Oath. We ALL deserve a life of health and wellbeing. Please, please if you have cancer or know someone who has cancer, take the time to research this amazing gift of nature that can help your amazing body heal itself. It can even be taken with chemo and radiation but I personally would not do that. In fact I would bring about my healing naturally with a more natural and alkaline diet along with Essiac.

This article is strictly my thoughts, concerns and opinions being expressed as my Right to free speech. I am in no way advising anyone not to seek professional medical help but I am putting forth my opinion that we do have the right to treat ourselves as we see fit whatever that may mean to you the reader. I do not agree with medical treatments as such and believe the treatments are causing the deaths of countless thousands of people in a reckless and needless and horrible manner. But, once again that is my opinion as stated here. My only hope here is that this article may spur someone into taking control of their own life and healing. I write these words hoping that people will seek out more information about this wonderful natural healing recipe and that through the information and herbs people will live!

Daniel is an herbologist (HHA) and a Master Researcher. His interest in alternative and Holistic Healing started at the early age of 10 when his mother gave him a copy of "There Is a River" about Edgar Cayce. From that point on he has continued in his pursuit of information, education and knowledge to share.