“You have Cancer.” Educate and empower yourself beyond the fear


Three words: You have Cancer. Nothing paralyzes and incapacitates the human mind more than those three words. In the blink of an eye, your life is changed forever.

At the cellular level of healing, cancer (and most other conditions) is a result of two things.

Too many toxins

Too few nutrients

If your blood is filled with toxins, it can’t efficiently carry oxygen and nutrients to power your organs. Our modern world is filled with toxins. From pesticides on our food, to the air we breathe, to the very thoughts we impress upon our subconscious mind, toxins are inescapable. Perhaps you thought “toxins” were just bacteria and viruses.

A toxin is anything your body considers unnatural or harmful. At the cellular level, that includes all processed food, food cooked at extremely high temps and/or microwaved, all pharmaceutical drugs, and all negative, stress-producing thoughts.

Chemotherapy and radiation add toxins to the blood stream. Tumors are clusters of individual cells. Chemotherapy poisons cells and releases them into the bloodstream to be eliminated. Radiation burns them to do the same. If a tumor is too large, surgery cuts out the tumor. If your immune system is fully functional, these dead tumor cells will be recognized as toxins and eliminated. Your bloodstream is a closed system. If toxins accumulate faster than they can be eliminated, your body must remove them from the bloodstream or you will die. Your body, in its miraculous, innate wisdom, moves toxins to storage to save your life. Where is it safe to store toxins? Lymph and fat. Lymph and fat are static—they don’t circulate. The only way to release toxins from lymph and fat is movement (exercise) and perspiration.

You must actively and consciously remove cancer tumor cells and cancer stem cells from your bloodstream. If these cells remain in circulation, they may lodge and hide in another location—the reason you sometimes find breast cancer cells in a hipbone. Western medicine measures how many cancer cells remain in circulation by a blood test for cancer “markers.”

Breast and ovarian cancers frequently show up at times of major hormonal change—breast cancer during pregnancy—ovarian at menopause. Non-pregnant women have closed milk ducts (for obvious reasons!) surrounded by protective lymph. Lymph is always protective whether it is located in your throat to protect your lungs or any other location—it surrounds and stores toxins. Toward the end of pregnancy, hormonal signals enabled by collagen-digesting enzymes, begin to break down non-pregnant breast architecture, in order to build up and reconstruct the breast into an open duct, milk producing one. Any time you have a tissue-remodeling job, collagen-digesting enzymes must be present to break down supporting collagen structures, and remodel the tissue. (See previous Natural News blogs for how enzymes work in the ovary to release an egg for fertilization, and in the womb to separate digits of the fingers and toes).

Cancer cells have found a way to “hack” this process to their advantage—literally—they use collagen-digesting enzymes to break off and travel through the bloodstream to new locations and reconstruct attachments to them. This is why you must intercept this process and remove them from the blood.

You must actively “pull out the poison” at the cellular level—regardless of disease. All “dis-ease” first requires cleaning up your river of life aka bloodstream. You do this with some type of chlorophyll from some type of green plant. Your body needs raw green plants from multiple sources. This goes along with part two of healing at the cellular level: “feed your body” critical, essential micronutrients that energize your body, and prevent immune system “hacks.” Green plants are full of essential vitamins and minerals. One of the things your body must have to make collagen is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is not produced by your body, so it must come from your diet. Vitamin C is just one of many critical micronutrients that must come from your diet—a deficiency of just one can wreak havoc on your entire body. Magnesium, for example is critical for over 300 chemical processes in the human body.

Chlorophyll from green plants and hemoglobin from red blood cells are almost molecularly identical. The only difference is the center atom of a red blood cell is iron to hold oxygen, and the center atom of chlorophyll is magnesium to hold light (energy) from the sun. Research has proven that green, chlorophyll rich plants are the very best building blocks of red, oxygen rich blood cells. As old blood cells are sloughed off and replaced, chlorophyll rich cells are alkaline forming which means they add energy and light—and they reduce acidity, inflammation, and oxidative stress—which cause disease.

If you remove toxins from the blood and feed your body the micronutrients it must have, you are two thirds of the way to healing at the cellular level. Part three is that you must work through the fear and stress. Stress shuts down all your bodily systems to prepare for fight or flight–including your digestive system. If you can’t break down (digest) and absorb nutrients for your body to use as energy, you won’t heal. If you live in fear, you won’t heal. If your blood is filled with toxins, you won’t heal. If you have no fat storage and you have muscle wasting, your blood is toxic. This is a state of cachexia—seen in the late stages of almost every major chronic illness—very often seen in end stage cancer patients.

There are many documented cases where people have successfully healed from cancer. Educate and empower yourself or someone you love and work through the fear. Burton Goldberg said it best:


“Pull out the poison, feed the body, and God will heal.”




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