Canada reaffirms their efforts to legalize marijuana in 2016!


A recent Gallup poll suggests that 58 percent of American’s believe that marijuana use should be made legal in the United States. (1)  For U.S. citizens the fight continues while Canada is making headlines in their effort to legalize marijuana.

Fifty-eight percent of U.S. citizen’s believe marijuana should be made legal!

New Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has affirmed that the administration continues to make movement to legalize marijuana since the parliament resumed.  In a speech given on December 4th , Governor General, David Johnston, said that the new liberal government would make recreational use of marijuana legal but it would also regulate and restrict access.  (2)
Johnston reported that eliminating the “criminal element” of marijuana would help fix a broken system.  (2)

Canada could become first country in G7 group to legalize marijuana!

Due to these efforts, Canada could become the first country in the G7 group to legalize marijuana.  The Prime Minister made world news due to his position on marijuana and has not wavered from this position since becoming the leader of the Liberal party.  Trudeau’s position on marijuana is influenced by the fate of his late brother, who was charged with drug possession for having “a tiny amount” of marijuana.  His brother died in 1998 due to an avalanche. (3)

Trudeau’s stance on marijuna is influenced by his late brother who was charged with drug possession for having a “tiny amount” of marijuana on his person

Currently medical marijuana is legal to use in Canada in dried and edible forms as long as it is not smoked.  Growing cannabis at home is also legal.  (3)
The government is also planning to cut taxes for citizens with middle income and provide higher child benefits to those in need.  They also plan to cut military spending and limit the budget deficit to 10 billion Canadian dollars per year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  (3)

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