Can You Really Get Rid Of Under Eye Puffiness, Wrinkles And Dark Circles?


Raccoon eyes… under eye bags… crow’s feet… these are just some the lovely things that tend to happen with age or as a result of lack of sleep, poor diet, allergies, and stress.

Almost all women (and some men!) are very sensitive about this subject, too.


Because the eyes give away how youthful and vibrant we are. It’s the main focus of our face. When someone’s eye area is bright and smooth, it lights up their whole face with radiance and vitality.

In simple terms, we look younger.

Since the dawn of time, a quest possibly as famous as the Holy Grail, youth-seekers have been looking for a magic potion that can actually reduce or conceal under eye swelling, wrinkles, and dark circles.

The following are some home remedies and over-the-counter (OTC) treatments to help alleviate the appearance of ‘aging eyes’:

Issue: Dark Circles Under The Eyes.  Pigmentary issues that cause under-eye discoloration may sometimes be inherent from your mother or father. Other times this may be because poor diet or age. Most commonly it is because as we age the skin under our eyes becomes thinner and more likely to expose tiny blood vessels underneath.

Quick Home Remedies: Many women swear by cold, damp tea bags. The caffeine in the tea helps stimulate skin cells and constrict blood vessels, and the coolness helps reduce swelling.

OTC Treatment: Under-eye concealer can help ‘hide’ the dark circles. This can be your typical cosmetic foundation, cover up stick or BB cream. If you want to do more than conceal the problem and actually treat it, you can look into under eye serums and gels that aim to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Some products have an active ingredient called Matrixyl which penetrates to the lowest levels of your skin producing collagen, elastin and restores your skin’s vitality.

Issue: Crow`s Feet. Fine Lines.  There’s no way around it. The more you blink and squint, the more your skin gets creases and wrinkles. This is something that universally happens as we get older. But we can age gracefully.

Quick Home Remedies:  Staying hydrated and applying sun screen in around your eyes will help further deteriorate the skin in this area. Vitamin E capsules, squeezing out the liquid and applying directly under the eyes also helps as vitamin E helps with skin elasticity.

OTC Treatment: Things to help reduce wrinkles can be evasive or non-invasive. This include everything from Botox injections and fillers, to skin creams.

Active ingredients include Beta Hydroxy Acid, a fat soluble that helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Renovage, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, the skin’s overall firmness, tone and elasticity. Dimethicone, which is silicone-based and helps smooth the skin. Peptides, help stimulate collagen production. And fruit/plat stem cells with help with skin repair and rejuvenation.

Issue: Under Eye Puffiness. Under Eye Bags. Mild under eye swelling or puffiness under the eyes are also common as you age. As we get older the tissues around our eyes, including the underlying muscles, weaken. Younger folks who have ‘bags’ may get them because of lack of sleep, poor diet, water retention, lack of exercise.

Quick Home Remedies:  Some effective home remedies include placing cold spoons over your eyes, chilled, sliced cucumbers, or pack of frozen peas. The coolness and compression of these items help reduce bags. Egg whites also may help. Egg white has an astringent (skin tightener) is rich with Vitamin B helps improve circulation and decrease inflammation. Another at-home-remedy that works is hemorrhoid cream. Yes, you read right, applying hemorrhoid cream under your eyes. After all, the goal of ‘H’ cream is to help calm and shrink flare ups. So why wouldn’t it work on puffy eyes? It has similar affect and reduces and tightens the skin.

OTC Treatment: The best eye gels and serums tend to include Dimethicone (silicone-based skin smoother), peptides (which to help reduce inflammation and strengthen capillaries), fruit or plant stem cells (which aid skin repair), and Haloxyl (reduce dark circles).

Not sure where to begin?

Doing research before you purchase an eye treatment cream or concealer is a prudent thing to do. This may take a little time, but will most certainly save you money.

I recommend searching for terms like ‘eye cream reviews’ or similar and reading reviews of the various products on the market, their claims, and if they meet their promise.

Whether you’re trying a quick fix from your home cupboards; or buying a cream, gel or serum containing active ingredients to help alleviate aging eyes; or just changing your lifestyle habits… this is most certainly a battle that can be won.

Good luck!

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