Can You Live Naturally and Still Be Modern?


Living as natural a life as possible can be hard these days with the reliance placed on technology in our daily lives. From work to leisure time we are surrounded by items powered by fossil fuels and leading a clean life, going green, being natural or however you want to describe it can seem like taking a step back into the past.

There are ways to live a fairly natural life and still make the most of modern inventions though. It can take a little bit more effort but the good feeling you get from having a healthier, more efficient lifestyle makes it more than worth the effort.

Clean Power Source

There is a worldwide shift underway to finding more environmentally friendly sources for electrical power as opposed to using up the dwindling supply of fossil fuels. Modern life has developed to revolve around electricity. From getting up in the morning to the sound of an electric alarm clock, spending all day at work on a computer and relaxing in front of the television at night, it has made everything convenient.

Solar or wind power are now realistic alternative sources you can install to generate clean energy for your home. This means you don’t have to miss out on such comforts while using the earth’s natural resources. For lighting you don’t have to rely on candles and fire either, replacing all bulbs with energy efficient LED models is one clean option.

Natural Food

Eating naturally involves knowing what is in the food you’re eating, which means stopping consuming processed food. Ready meals and fast food are all convenient options but full of many unnatural substances which your body doesn’t require.

It doesn’t need to mean buying the expensive grazing boxes offered by some companies either. There are many ways to eat naturally on a budget. Growing your own fruit and vegetables in the garden ensures they’re not sprayed with chemicals, only eating out at places with great reputations and baking your own bread are just a few methods. Create your own gourmet burgers as is now popular, knowing exactly what’s in them.

Ethical Clothes

Keeping up with fashion trends can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when trying to only wear natural items. This doesn’t mean just tie-dyed t-shirts. There are many places which sell new hemp and organic clothing, following current trends as people are becoming more eco-conscious about where their items are sourced.

Retro and vintage seems to always be in fashion too which is good for buying economically as you can pick up a gem in many charity shops. Remember to recycle old clothes too, either being creative and cutting up to create more or using as cleaning rags.

Sustainable Travel

In the modern world going anywhere is possible but few of us consider the impact cars, trains and aeroplanes have on the earth. If you have a short commute to work why not cycle or walk instead of driving or taking the bus to cut down on your carbon footprint.

For those living further out consider moving closer to your workplace so a sustainable commute is possible. Go on cycling vacations or seek out green tourism holidays to cut back on your impact. These will all lead to a more natural life without leaving the modern world behind.


Graham Michael