What You Can Get From This 6000 Years Old Medicine and How to Prepare it


It is a mixture of two super healthy foods – sesame and honey. The combination dates back 6000 years ago and it is mentioned in ancient Greece and the Middle East.

It’s very simple to make: add ground sesame seeds and honey in a bowl, stir while the honey and sesame join together. You can make balls or other shapes from the mixture and at the end place them in the refrigerator.

To use it as a medicine you need to take 2-3 balls per day. There are many benefits that you can get:

-Rich in nutrients

The combination is packed with nutrients: zinc, iron, fiber, magnesium, calcium, copper and a number of vitamins, especially the B group, and almost all the key ingredients for health and functioning.

-Cholesterol level

These natural ingredients is effective in regulating the blood lipids, especially LDL and HDL cholesterol.

-Heart health

The combination will ideally act to regulate the irregular heartbeat, the high blood pressure and improve circulation.

-Boost energy

It will give you the necessary energy and strength for a hard physical work.

More potential benefits of the combination:

According to some doctors, regular use the combination of sesame and honey affect on the mood, regulate the chronic fatigue, affects on potency in men and women. Using these two products together can also help to reduce stress.


Beverly Entin