Can Black Cumin Seed Oil Help Hair Growth?


Hair loss can occur for many reasons like microbial infection, inflammatory conditions, ageing and chemotherapy just to name a few. Thankfully, it’s black seed oil to the rescue once again.

The few studies that have been done in this area have produced outstanding results when testing the effects of the mighty black cumin seed for hair regrowth. The first study was on twenty patients affected by Telogen effluvium (TE) in a double-blind, placebo-controlled and randomized study.

What is Hair Growth?
Hair on the human body grows in 3 stages; Anagen phase (growth), Catagen phase (transitional, renewal) and Telogen phase (resting, shedding) One of the more important chemical compounds in hair growth is melanin for the colour, as discussed in the previous chapter on grey hair.

In addition, “The homeostasis of the epidermis and hair follicle is primarily regulated by the cellular interaction between keratinocytes and melanocytes”

In 2013 sufferers of Telogen effluvium received some hope in the form of a published paper, ‘Evaluation of a Therapeutic Alternative for Telogen Effluvium: A Pilot Study’ in which 70% of the 20 participants in a placebo study achieved significant hair growth results using a mere 0.5% strength Nigella sativa oil, daily for 3 months. That is a very low strength oil so, with a stronger oil, which is pretty much all on the market, hair growth should improve even more. What a wonderful side effect if you are taking this wonder oil for any other ailment. And, if you are taking it directly for hair growth, what a wonderful gift this oil is even beyond the direct healing of your hair.

The Research
The results were nothing less than amazing! 70% of the participants in the control group showed significant improvement in hair regrowth. That’s not too shabby in my book! REF – ‘Prostaglandin D2 inhibits hair growth and is elevated in bald scalp of men with androgenetic alopecia’

“Videodermatoscopic analysis showed a significant
increment of hair density and hair thickness in patients treated with NS. NS was also able to reduce the
inflammation observed in the majority of patients affected by TE” REF – ‘Prostaglandin D2 inhibits hair growth and is elevated in bald scalp of men with androgenetic alopecia’

My own black cumin seed oil story includes the bonus of thicker hair. By the time I first starting taking the oil I’d lost about 50-60% of my hair through menopause. Since taking this oil I’ve regained about 20% of what I’d lost.

Researchers in Bangladesh tested coconut oil against an oil mix with Nigella sativa for hair regrowth and in the researchers own words, “…the present study can give a
tremendous solution in the field of hair fall it can be
said that hair fall is stopped.” REF – ‘Formulation and finding out the efficacy of the herbal hair oil over simple coconut oil (purified)’

In a rat study on chemotherapy induced alopecia it was found, “…it is evident that N. sativa provides significant protection against chemotherapy-induced alopecia.” Now that’s pretty exciting seeing as chemotherapy induced alopecia can be quite severe and usually taking many months to years to regrow without help. REF – ‘Protective role of Nigella sativa in chemotherapy-induced alopecia’

Anecdotal Evidence
“I strongly advise you to use black seed oil (A.K.A Black cumin seed,Kalonji, Nigella Sativa), I swear to god this is the strongest topical i ever tried. It stopped my hair loss in a few days as it inhibits the crth2 pathway for pgd2, lowers tnf alpha, 5ar inhibitor and lowers androgen receptors.”

“I lost all body hair too, including eyebrows and eyelashes. I also stopped sweating for two whole years! I only realised that cod as soon as I started taking black seeds, the day after I was sweating whilst hoovering. My immune system was out of order. But I started taking 7 black seeds with Manuka honey mixed in warm water. Alhumdulillah my eyebrows are back and my eyelashes. My body hair too.”

“Anyway as for my bald scalp it’s still curing. I used a combination of black seed oil and olive oil too on my head, not too much as I had severe eczema on my scalp.
Now I have about 60-70% of my head hair. Some are at the initial stages and have just popped out. The doctors had given little hope and said there’s no medication for alopecia!!!”

‘Prostaglandin D2 inhibits hair growth and is elevated in bald scalp of men with androgenetic alopecia’

‘Formulation and finding out the efficacy of the herbal hair oil over simple coconut oil (purified)’ Dulal et al., IJPSR, 2014; Vol. 5(5): 1801-1805.

‘Protective role of Nigella sativa in chemotherapy-induced alopecia’
Uzma Saleem et al. Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology 2017; 12: 455-462.

Come with me on a journey of scientific research and thousands of years of human healing with the amazing black seed oil. Call it what you like… Barakat, Black coriander, Black cumin, Black seed, Charnuska, Cheveux de Vénus, Cominho Negro, Cumin Noir, Fennel flower, Fitch, Graine de Nigelle, Graine Noire, Habbatus sauda, Kalajaji, Kalajira, Kalonji, La Grainer Noire, Love in a Mist, Mugrela, Nielle, Nigella sativa, Nigelle Cultivée, Nigelle de Crête, Nutmeg Flower, Poivrette, Roman-Coriander, Schwarzkummel, Small Fennel, Toute Épice, Upakuncika.

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