Can a Root Canal Make You Sick?


I know from experience that the dental bill for a root canal can make you sick to your stomach, but did you know that the root canal itself can be at the “root” of many illnesses. Please don’t blindly buy into the mentality that a root canal is your only option. In the United States alone, over 41,000 of these are performed per day and an estimated 25 million per year! OUCH!

Teeth require a blood supply, need to allow for necessary drainage and have tons of nerve endings. A tooth that has had a root canal becomes essentially a dead tooth. When dentists perform a root canal, they remove the nerve from the main canals but not the nerves from the side canals which leaves dead nerves behind in those spaces.  A specific type of bacteria which doesn’t need oxygen to survive then thrive in the side canals and ooze toxic substances.  The blood supply that surrounds these now dead teeth drains this toxic substance and spreads it to your entire body.  Bacteria trapped inside the structure of teeth migrate throughout the body. They may infect any organ, gland, or tissue and can damage the heart, kidneys, joints, eyes, brain, and endanger pregnant women. This can lead to cancers, compromised autoimmune systems, heart and circulatory issues, irritable bowels, joint problems and inflammation, and many other diseases.  And to make it worse, antibiotics don’t solve the problem because the bacteria are locked inside the dead tooth!

Dr. Meinig who was a dentist for the Hollywood stars and became one of the founding members of the American Association of Endodontists (root canal specialists). In the 1990s, he studied the ill effects of dental procedures and in 1993, published the book Root Canal Cover-Up.  This book will shock you and perhaps save you from the suffering that can be caused by this procedure.

Here’s an excerpt from a blog about a woman that had a toothache so bad, she said she would rather give birth than have this type of pain again.  She called her dentist, who scheduled her for a root canal without even having her come in for a check-up.  Since she had several days before the scheduled procedure, she decided to see what she could do first:

Once the painkillers kicked in and I could think clearly, I concluded that if I was having pain and inflammation then I must have an infection, so I went to work to clear the infection. So I gargled with water and sea salt, took colloidal silver and applied tea trea oil to the tooth and clove oil three times a day, while taking calcium flouride tissue salt ( a homeopathic mineral salt). By Monday, I didn’t need to take the painkiller anymore and that was the end of that. That tooth has not given me any grief since and that was over 9 years ago.

In my own experience after having a root canal and realizing it was causing more harm than good, I had to go back to the dentist with that same tooth to endure two more very excruciating dental chair sessions.  So it cost me a fortune and the tooth still bothers me.  When another tooth started acting up, instead of calling the dentist, I did a bit of research.  I found a product at Whole Foods called Mouth Tonic by Herbs etc.  I used this and took garlic supplements.  Within 3 days the tooth pain was completely gone.

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