Calling Da’ish names won’t solve that problem!


Today the Mideast is infected extensively with a Zombie Virus whose names are Da’ish, Daesh, and Daish. Apparently Da’esh is correct. It’s an acronym of their official name but sounds like the Arabic “Dahesh” meaning “one who creates chaos”. They are not a state and should never be recognized as one. Da’esh or Dahesh could also be used for the Bush administration because chaos was the effect of their invasion and destruction of Iraq!

As many experts say, the Iraq war has served as the catalyst for Da’esh. First the Iraq war itself created a fresh new wave of anti-western sentiments that terrorists use for recruitment. Second, Bush disbanded the Iraqi military which left Iraq very weak and unable to protect itself from the rising terrorist threats. Heck Saddam was basically preventing such terrorist groups from rising within Iraq. But when he fell, so did the barrier preventing their rise. Third, those disbanded soldiers were essentially left bitter and jobless, and quickly found their way to Da’esh, thus giving Da’esh leaders and soldiers with actual combat experience.

Seemingly, the whole world is at risk of allowing a warlike, expansionist regime whose ideology and methodology is even worse than the Nazi’s, to flourish and grow and continue to have access to a pool of 1.6 billion true believers. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what the Islamic State is called though it claims to be the return of the ‘Global Caliphate’ that rules over all Muslims. If the Islamic State is allowed to survive, the world will face a similar situation as it did in the 1930s. If The Islamic State is not buried in history there is a chance they could simply thrive.

The last but not the least, as for the names, since most of the Islamic world does not consider them Islamic it does not seem right to call them IS even if they do. Yet, they seem to have no objective besides dominating the world like a James Bond villain perhaps we should call them SMERSH?!






John Turner
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