California Killer Drought Did NOT “Just Happen” – Please Let Others Know


First the Bottom Line Message

I’ll give you the bottom line first.  The drought now threatening to destroy California’s agricultural production, and perhaps its ability to even sustain life for those who live in the state, was engineered and intentionally created with the full support and cooperation of the US government and its partner mega-corporations involved in the worldwide chemtrail project.  Let me repeat, the California drought was engineered and created, it was not a natural occurrence.  If enough people, particularly in positions of mid level power who are not totally committed to the deadly agenda, do not figure that out, the same thing could be done to the state this coming winter, which might be the knockout punch ending life in California as it has been known.  Let that sink in.

How Do We Know The Drought Is Not Natural?

So how do I know this particular drought is not a natural occurrence?  I had the privilege of working for a time including most of this past summer as one of the hosts of the weekly geoengineering watch radio show (saturdays on – please listen and participate) with Dane Wigington and Russ Tanner, the other hosts on the show.  We helped disseminate data collected and documented on the effects of high altitude spraying from military and private contractor jets all over the world.  This activity is what the public is trained by our media and fake “science” community to think of as a crazy conspiracy theory, not something that is really happening.  We are told the long persisting trails in the sky are nothing but normal condensation and we should pay no attention to them.  The problem is, these trails have not always been there.

They started appearing on a large scale over the U.S. in the mid 90’s, and have proliferated ever since, spreading to more countries as the years went by.  At this point, there are enough people interested and seriously investigating the phenomenon, that we have lots of video evidence not only of the trails spreading slowly across the sky and persisting for many hours, often covering the entire sky with man-made overcast, but we also have close up high definition footage of spray nozzles mounted on aircraft spraying plumes of particulates and being turned on and off at will.  We have soil, air and water tests showing the same chemicals that are named in the numerous geoengineering patents on file, as well as others showing up that are not named, many of which are highly injurious to life.  These planes sometimes fly loop type patterns, much like high altitude crop dusters, until their work on that flight is done.  We also have whistleblowers from inside the military speaking out on their participation in this activity, where aluminum, barium, strontium and a long list of varying other toxic chemicals are being loaded on jets to spray over the entire US.

The same is now going on in many countries.  For those that want to review some of the extensive documentation that chemtrails (aka “geoengineering” or “climate engineering” to make this crime against humanity sound “scientific”) are very real and very harmful to humans, the soil and water,  and all other life around us, go to, as well as  You will have a lot of homework to do digesting all that is known and observed so far relating to this huge project which government at all levels insists is not going on.

You may also find Dr. Russell Blaylock’s comments of interest relating to what the fallout from chemtrail spraying does to human health, and you can see one of his talks on the subject at .  I have found that all of Dr. Blaylock’s interviews on youtube are well worth watching and highly informative on practical subjects you need to know.

We Watched Last Winters Storms Intentionally Blocked – Will There Be A Repeat?

So during my time on the radio show as co-host with lead investigator Dane Wigington, we got to watch the storms come in off the Pacific Ocean all last winter, that would have provided a normal rainy season for California.  And then we would watch the spray planes move in, nucleating the storms and blocking the rain, causing the terrible drought that is happening now.  And no one is talking about where this drought came from.  Storm nucleation is a practice where tiny particles, in this case metals like aluminum, are sprayed into an approaching storm, and the huge concentration of such small particles gives the water vapor too many nuclei to form normal sized drops around, so that each drop is not big or heavy enough to fall to Earth as rain, and the storms moved from west to east across our country, before falling to the east instead of in California.  Over and over again, this scenario played out all last winter, and most of the storms were blocked.

Did Government Know This Crime Was Happening?

The reason I say this happened with full cooperation and support of the US government and its partner corporations is that they had the technical ability to observe as well as we did what was happening, and certainly to know where the money was coming from to keep the huge number of chemtrail planes flying, which we now know are private contractors and military aircraft.  The mainstream “news” is of course controlled by only a few interlocked huge corporations in the US, so it functions to announce as “news” whatever those controlling corporations want the public to believe, and government agencies allow this to go on every day.  Their job is not to tell the truth, or any accurate news, but to create public beliefs and opinions in harmony with government agendas, as an effective means of control, and they are doing their jobs very well. They are doing everything that they can to create tension and division between races, social classes, republicans vs. democrats, liberals vs. conservatives, men vs. women, different religions against each other, etc., so our attention will be totally distracted from the real issues like tyranny vs. freedom, and the massive ongoing crimes of government and its huge allied corporations, playing us all as fools.

Now most of the public apparently still believes conspiracy at high levels never occurs, and our government leaders are there altruistically trying to help us, they and the “scientists” telling us the truth.  So those few brave enough to break this conditioning and see what is really happening, must quickly ask the question, for example in relation to this killer drought, what can be done to stop and reverse this deadly pattern?  The continuation of the man-made drought in California could lead to very serious consequences for the whole country, not just those millions living in the state itself.

Are There Any Possible Solutions?

I don’t see any way any of us can stop the chemical air raids known as chemtrails or geoengineering through just public awareness, as the top level of rulers don’t care what any of us think, other than they want to watch all our thoughts, words and actions in order to more completely control everything we do.  We’re not going to convince them to stop working to destroy us, because that is unfortunately their plan.  The only hopeful sign I see that there may be a peaceful, lawful tool to be used against top level government and corporate rulers to stop their crimes against humanity, is now being courageously demonstrated by a Mr. Kevin Annett, of   For an introduction to his work, study that site, and see the series of interviews done with Kevin by Alfred Webre, the latest of which is at .  Look at the earlier interviews to get more of an understanding and background.

Application of Common Law Has Real Potential

I have seen many people and organizations attempt to use common law as a tool to stop government and corporate (including corrupt religious corporations as well) crimes against humanity, but most of them made mistakes in critical details and ended up unsuccessful or in prison.  But Kevin’s organization is the first I have seen that is not making the common mistakes, and is succeeding on a scale that is extremely encouraging to watch.  He has already suggested this same approach could be used to stop all manner of high level crime, including those carrying on the chemtrails attacks on the population world-wide.  The first experiments in applying this approach have been against corrupt religious leaders engaged in atrocities almost beyond belief (but fully documented and witnessed), but the method seems very much usable against those who have engineered the California drought, and in my opinion, this should be followed up very quickly, as the next rainy season that could save the state or be blocked by more spraying is fast approaching, and if it is blocked again, a massive catastrophe could quickly follow, with food prices going out of reach of many Americans, possibly famine on a large scale when combined with economic collapse, and an unknown fate for the millions living in cites that could literally run out of water.

Natural News Doing A Great Job Explaining How Serious The Drought Really Is

Having been an ardent Natural News Supporter for many years, I have great appreciation that Mike and others have written such great articles on the over the top serious nature of the current California Killer Drought.  Few can really appreciate (yet) how severe is this threat against the lives of everyone in the US, but especially the tens of millions of people who now live within California.  Natural News has been in the forefront of pointing this out, including the threat of earthquakes and massive social chaos as cities and farms run out of water, a possible reality which is approaching fast.

In spite of all this detailed coverage, I recently got upset that with all these great articles, why is no one exposing those who clearly created this drought, and need to be immediately stopped from doing it again.  In my frustration, I unfortunately complained to Mike, who did not deserve to be the target of my frustration, and who is clearly working all hours almost every day to bring truth to all of us on so many fronts with Natural News and all of his other projects.  I told him he should have written about this issue to focus on those behind this crime and why had he not done that.  Mike very kindly suggested that I write the article myself, and he would link to it and help spread it, so here is my attempt to honor that excellent suggestion.

Time Is Short For Making Sure This Year’s Rains Get Through

Time is moving fast, friends.  We are besieged with many crises on all sides, so why do I ask you to help spread awareness of this one in particular?  Well partly because this one is being caused by a tiny group of people at the top of the power structure, providing the massive funding required for this huge chemical attack against America and most of the rest of the world right now.  They decide whether California lives or dies from this drought.  If they let the storms come into California normally this year, the recovery in California can begin, and many farms can avoid catastrophe.  But if what they did this summer is repeated, it will be deadly on a huge scale.  If you have other ideas of how to peacefully stop this crime, by all means share them.  Spreading news of how bad the drought is now, and what will happen if it goes on, is already being done well by Natural News and others.  But spreading awareness of who is doing this to us intentionally is not being talked about other than in a few very limited circles.  So my request to you is, for the sake of those who live in California, and for everyone who eats food coming from that state or who cares about those who do, please let everyone know the drought is not a natural phenomenon, it is a massive crime scene.

Use your social networks to the maximum possible extent – be creative to reach new groups and networks.  Share this article absolutely everywhere.  What I hope is that immediately people will find ways to use the example set by Kevin Annett ( to bring charges against those flying the planes and those giving them the orders to do so, including those at the top of the power structure, in properly set up common law grand juries, to be followed by indictments and enforcement action.  Hundreds of common law sheriffs are already being trained in multiple countries to serve the warrants and make arrests.  These people have incredible courage and deserve our support, and especially to learn from their examples of what can really be done.

A Window Of Time To Act

It appears that the power structure behind chemtrails and multiple other massive crimes are not yet ready to dispense with all pretense of caring about law.  When and if that does happen, common law approaches may no longer work.  But that time is not quite here yet, and every day is too precious to waste.  At a minimum, please help spread the word about the real cause and potential cure (arrests of perpetrators) of the California drought.  If you want to do more for the sake of all of us, support the efforts being coordinated through or come up with other practical peaceful solutions to work on.  Stop getting your news from the television and tune into sites like, (the best comprehensive world news site I have seen to date, worth the small subscription fee) and others willing to actually tell the truth.

Anything You Can Do To Help Is Appreciated

Thank you to all that care enough to do their part to wake up humanity and work on solutions to any part of the problem.  Thanks to Mike Adams and Natural News for the ongoing incredible work to educate humanity in so many areas related to health and so many other areas of life.  Thanks to Dane Wigington (, Russ Tanner ( and others who are letting the world know that this conspiracy to spray toxic chemicals right over our heads is real, and that in the case of the California drought, it is a clear cause and effect relationship that is now plain for anyone who examines the evidence to see.  This massive crime that is not a natural occurrence should be in screaming headlines on a consistent basis, until the discussion is forced in all the media and cannot be kept quiet any longer.  Every single day this issue is not addressed as a massive crime is now a day we cannot afford to waste.  So please don’t just let this go, but do what you can to spread this message until everyone who cares does their homework and finds out the crime is real, and the time to stop it if we want to keep eating, is now.  The power you have to help turn the tide is immediate and huge – thank you for caring.


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