Cabbage Juice- Fights Cancer, Cures Anemia, Arthritis & Boosts Brain Function


The cabbage is the king of the now prestigious cruciferous family, which includes superstars such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collards, and kale. It is low calorie, nutrient dense, and offers a host  of benefits.

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Fresh Cabbage Juice


Cabbage juice is very effective in preventing and treating multiple cancers. Sulforaphane is found in cabbage which is effective in preventing cells from carcinogens. Juice of cabbage has isocyanate. isocyanate is helpful in avoiding lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. It also helps cancer patients in speedy recovery by increasing the healing process of body. It is a good health benefits of cabbage juice.

Immune system

Cabbage Juice boosts the immune system and also works to promote and regulate T cells, and helps in the treatment of allergies because of a chemical called histidine. Glucosinolates which is found in Cabbage Juice also stimulates the immune system.

Boost Brain Function

Cabbage is full of Vitamin K and anthocyanins. These contribute to mental function and concentration. Because these nutrients prevent nerve damage, it improves defense against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Red cabbage is the best for this.

Heart Disease

The selenium found in cabbage juice helps to protect your body from heart disease. In addition, high levels of the essential fatty acid Omega 3 help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and high blood pressure.


Cabbage juice is naturally high in selenium, which helps to combat the symptoms of arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties of cabbage juice are also beneficial in combating a range of other degenerative inflammatory disorders.


Drinking cabbage juice is like drinking from the fountain of youth. This anti-aging juice helps prevent dryness and fine lines.


The high levels of folic acid in cabbage juice help your body to build new blood cells. In this way, drinking raw cabbage juice is a healthy and natural way to treat anemia.


Cabbage juice is a known anti-inflammatory; great for helping your body combat arthritis and other degenerative inflammatory diseases. The amino acids found in cabbage juice are also great for reducing skin inflammation.

How to make Cabbage Juice?

Purchase fresh cabbage from the market. Try to choose small cabbages its taste is good than bigger cabbages. Wash it with water carefully. Cabbages are grown in farms, there may be some bacteria on it. So wash it carefully. Cut the cabbage in two or four parts, then chopped them. Then use a juicer to make cabbage juice.

Now enjoy fresh cabbage juice. Remember don’t freeze it.

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