Busting 3 myths about senior assisted living


As we grow old, we need some assistance with our meals, medication, laundry, security etc. Senior assisted living communities equipped with a wide range of personal care services providesuch assistance to an individual.

However, choosing a senior assisted living community for yourself or for your loved one can be a daunting task. Here, we bust some myths about senior assisted living which may help you in choosing one.

Myth 1: Moving to an assisted living community leads to losing independence

Truth: You can be your own master.

Most communities provide a range of options regarding type of residence, size of apartment and types of services needed. You can opt for a separate entrance and control the key to your apartment. You are to free to decorate your apartment according to your liking. A senior assisted living community ensures that your privacy and independence are maintained.

Myth 2: There won’t be people available in your hour of need

Truth: Communities provide assistance 24X7. Senior assisted living communities give utmost importance to the safety of its occupants. Most communities provide basic medical monitoring and are equipped to respond immediately to an emergency.

Myth 3: Community life means bidding goodbye to hobbies such as gardening

Truth: At senior assisted living communities, occupants live full, active and balanced lives. They are free from worries and don’t suffer from loneliness. Communities have several activity programs such as gardening, bingo, cards etc. Gyms and libraries are also available in most communities.

Senior In home care living communities help a senior relax and take his mind of all the worries arising due to old age. Such communities provide the individual the chance to enjoy the old age with independence and dignity.

Sophia Williams
Sophia Williams is a health writer. She writes on many health issues such as weight loss, joint pain, back pain etc. She is a guest contributor at Health-Supplement-Facts.com