“Bullet Proof” Coffee – Have You Tried It?


I first read about the concept of “bullet proof” coffee over a year ago. It is a term used for the special way to make coffee, as well as a special mycotoxin-reduced brand of coffee that was coined by Dave Asprey. I’ve been drinking my coffee prepared this way (just my normal coffee, no special brand), with a minor tweak to the original version I read about, ever since. I’ve found it to be beneficial personally, and I know many others, including many celebrity fans, feel the same way.

What is “Bullet Proof” Coffee?

It’s really just a simple way of preparing your coffee. It’s not a special type of coffee, or even a special way of brewing that makes it into this more effective morning energizer. You simply add one of more ingredients that contain fatty acids after it’s done brewing. These ingredients range from organic grass fed butter (unsalted) to organic coconut oil or other oils with medium chain fatty acids. My personal choice has been coconut oil since it lends a rich and creamy flavor to the coffee.

I also don’t use nearly the recommended amount of oil in my coffee. Most recipes call from three tablespoons, and I only use one to two teaspoons. I just personally feel that much fat first thing in the morning will add too many calories to my overall caloric intake for the day. I feel great benefits with the amount of oil I use.

What you end up with is a richer, more fulfilling cup of coffee. And you also happen to end up with an oil slick floating on top of your cup of coffee, but the benefits are well worth it for many people.

What are the benefits of drinking your coffee this way?

The combination of medium chain fats and caffeine and antioxidants in the coffee supposedly create a better, more sustainable energy boost than just coffee alone. Also, many people (including myself) report feeling that they can concentrate more effectively when preparing their coffee this way as opposed to the standard ways we’re used to.

Some people, especially those on lower carbohydrate diets, also report that it helps them to lose weight, and helps to stimulate energy while on the diet. There are some studies that support the weight loss/weight maintenance connection to daily coconut oil intake. One study showed that consumption of coconut oil with meals increased metabolism by a significant amount, especially in overweight individuals.

This metabolic stimulation can last for as long as 24 hours after consumption. In addition, coconut oil has demonstrated the ability to satiate the appetite longer when consumed with meals. It may slow digestion, which helps the stomach feel full longer, putting off additional calorie intake.

A wonderful side benefit to consuming coconut oil in your daily coffee is its benefits for the skin and hair. It’s incredible all-around nutrition for healthy, glowing hair and skin. Many people report healthier hair and skin after just a few weeks of adding coconut oil to their daily diet.

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