Bulimia Treatment – Treatment Approaches and Cost


Bulimia nervosa is a common eating disorder we know. But the good news is that it is not a disorder that cannot be reversed. Thankfully, it is a reversible disorder if the treatment options and approaches are carefully and religiously followed.

Here, we will find out the different treatment options or more rightly called the “settings” or environ where you can undergo the treatment and also the cost that you might have to incur for the same. Depending on the condition of the person, the appropriate treatment setting/approach/option has to be followed.

Community based treatment

One of the options that you can look forward to is community based treatment. There are several organizations and eating disorder clinic Sydney communities (let us say you are based in Sydney) that offer assistance to innumerable such patients that require bulimia treatment. These communities operate with the objective of

  • Detecting early signs and symptoms of bulimia nervosa as a disorder in patients

  • Preventing the disorder if possible and if detected early

  • Offering prompt assistance and intervention so that the progress of the disorder can be arrested without causing further damage.

  • Promoting health awareness

  • Treating acute illnesses

  • Preventing relapse of eating disorder in patients

  • Educating the individuals with the disorder

  • Offering referrals for treatment

  • Providing counseling services

  • Providing fact sheets and statistics that work as motivating data for such individuals

  • Helping in the recovery process

It has been observed and studies have also indicated that community setting treatment is effective and many individuals with this disorder has benefited from the same. However, it must be remembered that not all patients with eating disorder may be ideal candidates for community based treatment. This form of treatment or correction approach is not effective if the patient has manifested ‘inflicting self injury’ habits or behaviour in the past, has no immediate community around, and has conditions that cause immobility. Under such circumstances, different lines of treatment may be opted for.

Getting treatment as an outpatient

In this form of treatment, you will not have to stay in the hospital and can get treatment as an outpatient. All you have to do is work in harmony with a team of professionals that take the onus of curing such individuals with eating disorders. This treatment might take place in any eating disorder clinic Sydney organizations (if you are residing here). However, it is not that the patient ought to be get attention and special care only when he visits these clinics. He has to be cared for at all times by his family members, regardless of whether he is visiting the clinic or not on a particular day.

Getting treatment as an inpatient

In this form of treatment, you will have to stay in a hospital or any care clinic. Patients opting for such clinics and centres usually suffer from allied signs and symptoms or health conditions like depression, palpitation, weight loss/gain either due to excessive binging or being fully averse to food. Also, many get admitted into inpatient care clinics if they are not being able to tackle the issue of bulimia nervosa psychologically.

Cost of bulimia treatment

Essentially the cost that you have to incur will depend on the type of treatment you opt for and the therapy that has been suggested. Medicare will cover part of your treatment depending on the coverage that you have paid for.

Another avenue that can help you financially in getting the treatment done is by deriving benefit from private health insurance. However, just make sure you find out the treatment options that your health insurance carrier will shell out for your claims. It is best to assess the coverage options prior to buying the health insurance.

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