Why Brown Rice is A Healthy Choice For Your Diet


Brown rice is a nutritious whole grain filled with nutrients that can help provide your body with a healthy dose of beneficial nutrients. The whole grain is tasty to pair with a side of lean meat and vegetables to create a healthy satisfying meal that will keep the stomach full and happy.

Beneficial Nutrients in Brown Rice

The beneficial nutrients in brown rice are fiber, magnesium, calcium, proteins, thiamine, manganese, selenium, healthy fats, antioxidants and potassium. These nutrients are helpful for maintaining a healthy digestive track, body weight, insulin level, reproductive system, nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Health Benefits

  • Natural Cancer Prevention
  • Relieves Inflammation
  • Helps the Body Synthesize Fats
  • Prevents Heart Disease
  • Treats Arthritis
  • Prevents & Relieves Constipation
  • Relieves Food Cravings by Helping You Feel Fuller Longer
  • Removes Plaque Build Up in the Arteries of the Heart
  • Provides Antioxidants to Help You Stay Feeling Youthful and Beautiful
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels
  • Treats Yeast Infections Naturally
  • Helps with Weight Loss

Adding Brown Rice to Your Diet

Brown rice provides a healthy alternative to pasta. Instead of using pasta sides, to main dishes at mealtimes try replacing them with brown rice seasoned with herbs and spices instead. Brown rice will help fill the tummy up faster with wholesome nutrients, which will help you eat less at dinnertime.

– You could even make casserole dishes using rice as well. One of the most popular ones created is chicken and rice casserole with lean chicken breasts, a blend of veggies, brown rice, and a white sauce or cream of chicken soup poured over the top. The wholesome meal is perfect for a family to eat up on a busy night when nourishing food and comfort is needed.

– Surprisingly you can also use brown rice to make rice pudding too, which could be a tasty healthy dessert to have after mealtime, or as a scrumptious snack to munch on when your sweet tooth sneaks in too tempt you with some junk food.

Check Some Popular Brown Rice Recipes at Food.com

Finding Brown Rice

If you decide you want to add brown rice to your daily diet, you can find it in most grocery stores in the whole grain isle. Just make sure the brown rice you choose is organic and not processed or enriched. You want the purest form possible so you can get the most health benefits from it. Using instant brown rice may cook up faster and provide you with some health benefits, but not as many as the purest organic form could.

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