Britain’s Favourite Veggies And Their Surprising Health Benefits


When we enter the supermarket, we tend to buy the same foods. From peppers to carrots and cheese, many of us throw into the supermarket trolleys products that are said to guarantee a balanced diet. However, if we have to name some health benefits of these foods, many people would find that they know few or nothing about them.

A recent survey reveals that mushrooms, apples and peppers are among the Britain’s most popular fresh foods. It turns out that these everyday food staples have some surprising health benefits that are not even suspected.

Health Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

British nutritionists say that mushrooms have miraculous effects on our body. They improve our immune system, diet quality and nutrition. Mushrooms contain vitamin D, natural antibiotics, copper, selenium, ergothioneine. The last is considered a vital prerequisite for your overall health. Ergothioneine is an antioxidant that protects against free radicals and strengthens the immune system. Mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetable source of vitamin D. Just like us, they produce the so-called sunshine vitamin when they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Selenium, one of the most beneficial elements in mushrooms, is often overlooked. Usually this element is found in animal proteins, which turns mushrooms into the best selenium source for vegetarians. This mineral strengthens our bones, teeth, hair, and nails. Mushrooms are also the best ally in the fight with extra pounds. Edible mushrooms contain only 44 calories per cup and they are high in fiber and protein. Besides, these delicious veggies are as satiating as meat.

How to Make White Mushrooms Types More Healthy?

Now we know that the British shoppers prefer to buy white variety mushrooms. They contain B-group vitamins, potassium and selenium, but are low in vitamin D. As already mentioned, this vitamin is produced from sunlight and it keeps our bones healthy. Mushrooms will make their own vitamin D, if exposed to direct sunlight for just an hour. The so formed vitamin will remain in the vegetable for always, no matter how we store or cook it.

Health Benefits of Apples

In terms of sales, apples are the best-selling fruit in Britain. The list of apple health benefits is really long. Apples are high in dietary fiber, low in calories and the apple skin is an excellent source of pectin. Pectin is a water-soluble fiber that transforms into a gel-like compound when in contact with water. It lowers cholesterol, protects against colon cancer and keeps stable the blood sugar. Apples also contain the immune-boosting vitamin C and an antioxidant called quercetin. It has an important role in promoting endurance. Eating an apple before a workout will boost your stamina and fill your lungs with more oxygen.

How to Choose the Healthiest Apples?

Royal Gala is said to be the most popular apple in Britain. It’s one of the most widely-grown varieties with irresistibly sweet flavour. However, Royal Gala apple health benefits are not so striking when compared to other apple varieties. It’s interesting to know that polyphenols in apples convey their health benefits. Polyphenols are antioxidants made by plants that work in the body to promote health in multiple ways – they protect against Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and high cholesterol. Tests have revealed that higher amounts of polyphenols are produced in apple varieties with a bitter taste. Just like pectin, half of the polyphenols are found in the apple skin. This means that you should never throw it away.

Health Benefits of Peppers

Few people know that peppercorns contain the alkaloid piperine which inhibits the growth of breast cancer. Bell peppers contain high amounts of vitamin B6, folic acid and nearly three times more vitamin C than citrus fruits. They are a source of fiber that can help lower cholesterol and lose weight. Red pepper health benefits are more than impressive. They contain the carotenoid Lycopene that helps prevent prostate, lung, and stomach cancers. They are also packed with beta-carotene which in the body is converted to vitamin A. Orange peppers, on the other hand, contain zeaxanthin, an antioxidant that protects the eye by absorbing harmful blue light rays.

How Peppers Can Give You a Golden Glow?

Nutritional therapists claim that even small changes in our diet can lead to general improvements in our skin colour. To prove this statement, they have asked volunteers to eat one pepper a day for six weeks. The result was a healthy and attractive skin colour. This positive outcome is attributed to carotenoids, colourful plant pigments, usually red, orange or yellow in colour. They are stored in the fat cells under the skin and peek through giving it a golden glow. Gardeners in Epsom confirm that eating more fruit and vegetables improves the skin tone. They conclude that best results are obtained when we eat organic crops. Only then we can be sure that our tan is not only attractive, but also healthy.

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