Brain Health and Blood Group: Learn the Link?


Blood group and you

Blood group or say blood type, one and the same thing, is the division of blood. The sorting is based on the protein or antigens which are observed on the res blood cell’s surface.Blood type is received from parent’s genes. Four types of blood group is known, they are: A, B, AB and O.

It is important to have knowledge about the blood type because in cases where a person goes through blood transfusion, it is very important to match blood type. Serious complications are seen if transfusion is between two different types of blood group. This is why you need to know your blood group.

Link between Blood Type and Brain Health

Growing number of studies and researches are showing results for the relation between brain and blood. Blood type is blamed for person’s health. Previous researches show the correlation of cardiovascular disorders with person’s blood type. Surveys and research provides a study which indicates people with blood group ‘O’ are at low risk regarding heart disorders and stroke. Other studies shows people with blood group ‘o’ have greater chances to suffer depression and anxiety. Obsessive-compulsive neurological conditions and disorders are seen likely with people having ‘A’ as their blood type.

With a new research, blood type and risk of cognitive impairment damaging brain health delves up. It is seen that people having blood group ‘AB’ are at risk of easy loss memory, also known as dementia. The ‘AB’ is very rarely found.

A hematologist, Mary Cushman, MD, MSc, from University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington studied relation between blood type and brain health. Data was collected from 30,239 Caucasians and African-American individuals with age 45 and above. The research continued up to 3 years, measuring cognitive skills like making decision, short-term memory and learning.

The prognosis of study was

In the wake of looking into the race, sex and geology, 82 percent of people with the uncommon blood classification “AB” is liable to create memory and psychological debilitation prompting dementia than people with other blood classifications. In light of past studies, the blood classification A, B and AB has been connected with expanded danger of cardiovascular disorders and stroke. These ailments have an extraordinary effect on a singular’s blood group and reasons for memory loss or psychological weakness i.e. impairment.

  • 6% of people with blood type ‘AB’ have developed cognitive impairment.
  • The people with blood classification “AB” have higher blood levels of coagulating element VIII, otherwise called anti-hemophilic variable. Larger amounts of component VIII builds the development of blood clusters and is a danger for heart assaults and strokes. These ailments are known to affect wellbeing and are likely one motivation behind why blood classification “AB” is connected with psychological weakness.
  • Hence, the conclusion is new study is very promising, because many factors are known to affect health of brain. Still the research is going on, with blood group ‘AB’ causing impairment. This shows the link between blood type and brain health of a normal person.

What you can do?

People reading this post with blood type ‘AB’ does not have to worry about health but yes remember to take better care. There is no strong factor proving blood type ‘AB as dangerous but it has chances. Keeping good habits is recommended for every person that will help in healthy life, preventing disorders. There are many ways to prevent mental disorder like memory loss. Healthy foods boosting brains are helpful, like avocado and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Other exercises will also make a difference with upcoming mental chances with aging.

Blood to brain

Researches are still in progress and going on. As blood type is linked with mental disabilities, associations and studies are weak with no strong proof.

But science and technology will definitely uncover the biological process and connection between blood, its types and brain.


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