Brain function – Mind blowing entity


The human brain is an amazing entity within our body that is the leader in communication, functionality, and is the commander of practically everything that we do. The brain makes us learn and perform tasks that seem impossible. How does the brain literally “know” all this and do all this? The brain tells us and makes us breathe, move, digest food, and even make the heart beat. To think that the brain only accounts for 2% of our total body weight, yet has the biggest role, is unfathomable. That’s about 3 pounds total. However, the largest animal, the whale, has a brain that weighs 20 pounds. Size doesn’t equate to IQ of course. The human brain does get smaller as we get older which is part of the natural progression of aging. Actually, by the age of 20, the brain can start to lose a little bit of cognitive function such as memory. The brain’s storage capacity is considered unlimited.

The brain grows up until we are age 18 but continues to grow neurons for the rest of our lives. There are over 100 billion neurons in the brain. Neurons are what move the information and are the communicators who pass this information at speeds up to 250 mph. The spinal cord is the main line of communication between the body and brain. The brain sure is fascinating. We use all of our brain all of the time, even during sleep. Some myths have existed that say we only use 10% of our brain, but that is not true. Dreams are proof that the brain works during sleep. The only thing the brain can’t do is feel pain. The brain communicates and signals pain, but this isn’t a sensation.

Different lifestyle and health factors can affect the brain. For example, chemical reactions between the muscles in the neck and head can cause headaches. Cholesterol affects learning and memory. A brain freeze can happen when you eat or drink something very cold, and the blood vessels and arteries in the back of the throat are chilled. They constrict when they’re cold, so they don’t take the blood to brain for those brief moments until they warm back up. Alcohol can affect the brain because it can blur vision, slur speech, and make you walk unsteadily. There can be long term effects too such as memory loss. Different computer and video games can also stimulate and enhance learning.

Even reading this article, your brain is working as you formulate sentences and process meaning. The brain is mind blowing and often gets little attention because we talk about all the other body parts, not the one that is making them all work. Rarely do we direct causation towards the brain. Maybe the brain tells us not to place the blame upon it. What we put in front of our brain should take precedence, so that we have healthy, happy, positive material for it to work with. Let’s give a little more credit to the brain and be grateful for the bodies that it is telling what to do.

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