Botanical Herbal Medicines To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels


Botanical Herbal Medicines To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels!

In the 1980’s before insulin came into practice, diabetics were treated using plant medicines.  History documented that the World Health Organization urged researchers to examine whether traditional medicines produced any beneficial clinical results.  In the last ten to thirty years, scientific investigation has confirmed the efficacy of many of these preparations, some of which are remarkably effective.  Covered here are those plants which appear most effective are least toxic, and have substantial documentation of efficacy.  Although the herbs discussed possess blood-sugar-lowering effects,  proper and effective natural treatment of the diabetic patient requires the careful integration of diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle, and botanical medicine.


Plants used to treat diabetes:


*Onion Extract (Allium Cepa)

*Garlic (Allium Sativum)

Both have demonstrated blood-sugar-lowering action in several studies.  The active principles are believed to be sulfur-containing compound—Allyl propyl disulphide (APDS) in onions, and diallyl disulphide oxide (allicin) in garlic.  Although other constituents such as flavonoids may play a role as well.  Experimental and clinical evidence suggests that APDS lowers glucose levels by competing with insulin (also a disulphide) for insulin-inactivating sites in the liver.  This results in an increase of free insulin.  APDS administered in doses of 125 mg/kg to fasting humans causes a marked fall in blood glucose levels and an increase in serum insulin.  Allincin at doses of 100 mg/kg produces a similar effect.  Increasing the graded doses of onion extracts to levels sometimes found in the diet (1 to 7 ounces of onion) reduce blood sugar levels in a dose-dependent manner  the higher the intake of onion extract, the lower the level of glucose during oral or intravenous glucose tolerance tests.  The effects are similar in both raw and boiled onion extracts.  The cardiovascular effects of garlic and onions (lowering cholesterol and blood pressure) further substantiate the value of liberal intake of garlic and onions by the diabetic patient.


*Gymnema sylvestre: This plant native to the tropical forests of India, has long been used as a treatment for both types of diabetes I & II.

*Bitter Melon: Also known as balsam pear, cultivated in Africa, Asia, and South america.



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