Boost hydration, alkalize, and clear skin with fresh lemon water


Drinking water with fresh lemon juice has been a popular option in restaurants for years now. What most people don’t know is that drinking this refreshing twist on plain water has some pretty profound health benefits, especially when you incorporate it into your water drinking regimen on a frequent basis.

Electrolyte replenishment for effective hydration

Fresh lemon juice is abundant in natural electrolytes, which help replenish your body’s mineral supply and quench your thirst more readily than plain water. It contains calcium, potassium and magnesium, three of the important minerals that act as regulators of the electrical impulses that keep our body running.

These electrolytes help to really boost hydration, which means it’s great for your skin. This is why those who drink lemon juice in their water regularly often notice their skin looks plumper, brighter and healthier over time.

Lemons are actually the highest in natural electrolytes of all the citrus fruits. You can forget about all of those “replenishing” sports drinks that contain a ton of sugar or artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors. Adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water is actually one of the best “sports drinks” you can find.

Not only will it hydrate your body more effectively, it will also help ensure you don’t get muscle cramps or muscle failure do to dehydration, and will help you quickly replace the minerals and nutrients lost through excessive sweating.

Lemon juice is a natural alkalizing agent

An excessively acidic environment within the body has been linked to a variety of disease, including cancer. An argument has been made rather persuasively that addressing this excessive acidity by eating more “alkalizing” foods can help counterbalance this excessively acidic environment and create a more harmonious and friendly environment which is not conducive to disease and cancer growth.

In addition, alkalizing agents help to counterbalance the acid-forming tendencies of foods and drinks like soda, coffee and other foods that create acid within the body. The maintenance of a friendly pH balance in the body has shown numerous health benefits.

This can include better skin, since acne and other inflammatory skin conditions are linked to a more acidic internal environment. Many people who regularly drink fresh lemon water report an improvement in their skin over time.

It can also mean a more unfriendly environment for cancer growth, and less likelihood of other inflammatory conditions such as asthma, more of a tendency toward infection, and a lower immunity among other issues. Simply drinking lemon water with your meals will help make your food more alkalizing and body-friendly along with aiding in digestion, the next topic.

Lemon juice is a natural digestive aid, liver tonic

Adding lemon juice to your water is a known digestive aid as well. It also has benefits as a natural liver cleanser. The acidity of the lemon helps to better and more efficiently digest foods that might take more stomach acid to process. It also is a natural antacid. Although you would traditionally think of the lemon itself as being “acidic”, it actually has an acid-neutralizing effect within the body and digestive tract.

Avoid tooth enamel erosion by practicing the following

If you’re worried about the effect of the acidity of the lemon juice on the teeth, there are a few precautions you can take that will minimize exposure. You can drink through a straw so that the lemon-infused water will skip by the teeth by and large.

You can also drink the water in a manner that avoids the constant swishing contact against the teeth, or you can drink a glass of normal water afterwards. You can also simply swish warm water around in your mouth to rinse the lemon water away. You will want to avoid brushing your teeth for at least a half hour after drinking lemon water since the enamel can be a bit susceptible to damage right after contact with lemon juice.

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