Boiled Rice, Raw Eggs, and Vinegar: A Guide to Soothing a Choking Throat


Most of us, at one time or another, have gotten pieces of food stuck in our throat. It may have been the food was so delicious that we threw caution to the wind and failed to adequately chew. It may have been we were talking or not paying enough attention when we went to swallow, leading to some particles of food getting only halfway down the pipe. Whatever the cause, accidents will happen, and we need to be ready with an effective solution. In the most extreme situations, of course, one would need expert medical attention or possibly someone who knows how to do the Heimlich maneuver. In many cases, however, one may be able to benefit from putting some of the suggestions below into practice.

Eat Boiled Rice

If you have some boiled rice on hand, you can often use it to dislodge items caught in your throat. It is best if the rice is somewhat sticky so that you can ball it up. Make a fairly large rice ball, squeeze it until it stays stuck together, and then swallow it whole in one quick gulp.

As the rice makes its way down your throat, it will stick to other particles it comes in contact with. The weight of the rice and the pressure put on it by your swallowing motions can drive food down into your stomach.

Swallow a Raw Egg

If you have no rice on hand or it is too fluffy, you can grab a raw egg out of the fridge. Simply crack it open, and swallow it in one gulp. The heaviness of the yolk and the stickiness of the egg white will act in a way similar to swallowing rice. An egg should be large enough to cover the whole width of your throat as it sinks down toward your stomach, preventing food from simply slipping past.

Gargle With Vinegar

When a bone has gotten stuck in your throat, it often helps to gargle with vinegar. This will not produce a pleasant taste in your mouth, but the vinegar can soften and shrink bones enough to make them easier to swallow. Once in your stomach, the bone material should dissolve in the gastric acids. If the vinegar alone does not do the trick, you can follow it up by swallowing a lump of mashed potatoes.

These “home remedies” have a proven track record of soothing a choking throat. While they may not fix the problem in every instance, they work often enough to merit a try. There are other such remedies as well, but we have listed three of the most effective and most convenient. Particularly when eating meats, it is a good idea to have rice, eggs, or vinegar readily available just in case.

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