Body Sugaring: An Ancient Egypt Art for Hair Removal


Unwanted body hair is the most common problem of every woman around the globe. While there are some who have to contend with just a few strands of hair, there also are many who have to deal with a whole forest. From threading to shaving to waxing there are several methods of hair removal. Choosing the best one can be overwhelming for you. Here in this article we shall be discussing about body sugaring hair removal, which is one of the best hair removal options.

What is body sugaring?

Body sugaring hair removal technique can actually be called a natural form of hair removal. The main components of this method of hair removal are sugar, lemon and water all of which are safe enough to be eaten. In this the hair are removed in the direction they grow hence causing no or less pain, irritation or breakage. This also has the advantage of fewer ingrown hair. Since this way of removing hair is effective on hair as short as 1/16 of an inch, there is no need of waiting for regrowth of hair for your next treatment.

History of Body Sugaring

Body sugaring method of hair removal is considered to be an ancient Egypt art. The Persian women approved a hairless body to be the epitome of beauty and youth. This is why they made use of a sugaring paste or wax called ‘moum’ made of sugar, water and lemon for removing hair. The paste was applied in the direction of hair growth, covered with a piece of muslin cloth and pulled off when cooled. This was considered to be the most effective and natural way of removing body hair.
This ancient Egypt art for hair hair removal has been revived in this modern time as smooth hairless skin is the desire of every woman today.

Body Sugaring Recipe

The basic ingredients of recipe of body sugaring are 2 cups of white sugar, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup lemon juice. All of these needs to be mixed in a bowl and heated to a temperature of 2600 until a hard ball is formed. Lemon is used to make the paste antiseptic and also to keep the sugar from crystalizing.

What makes Body Sugaring best from other Hair Removal Methods:

This ancient Egypt art of hair removal is considered to be the best hair removal technique because of the following reasons:
Exfoliates: sugar is the best and natural exfoliator for dry skin. Therefore using this method of hair removal on dry skin not only eliminates unwanted body hair but also removes the dead skin cells.
Less painful: since the sugar paste do not stick to the skin, therefore it does not cause skin irritation or pain.
No burning fear: the fear of getting burned is eliminated when using this method as the body sugaring solution is applied at your body temperature.
Hygienic and Pliable: the sugar solution is very hygienic as microbes will not breed on it. It adapts in the direction applied and comes off easily leaving behind a clean and hair free smooth skin.
Easy cleaning: unlike wax, sugaring leave no residual stickiness on the skin, and can be easily cleaned with water.
No harmful ingredients: as the body sugaring technique makes use of no chemical, it is safe to remove unwanted hair from all skin types by this method.

Body Sugaring and other Hair Removal methods

When body sugaring was compared with other methods of hair removing, it was found to be much better, safe and also very effective than the others. Lets see how:

Shaving: In this process the hair on any part of the body can be removed by using a sharp razor. However, the shaved hair reappears faster i.e. within a day or two and it also makes you susceptible to cuts and razor burn. Body sugaring, is a pretty safe and painless method of hair removal as no blade or razor is involved in this case. Moreover, the hair regrow after 4-6 weeks after getting body sugaring treatment.

Waxing: In this, the wax is applied on the body part from where the hair is to be removed. It is then covered with a cotton cloth and pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. Unlike body sugaring, this process is painful and may also leave behind sticky feeling as well as skin irritation.

Hair Removal Cream: Hair removal by dermology cream is another procedure that is as effective and safe similar to body sugaring. Unlike Nair and Veet hair removing creams it contains no harmful chemicals harsh on skin. Rather this cream is composed of natural ingredients, which are supple and safe for all skin types just like body sugaring.

Lazer Hair Removal: In this process the strong beams of lazer light destroys the hair roots. It is therefore considered to be most effective way to have long-term hair reduction. But, again there is a risk of getting burned or scarred. Body sugaring again is a safe natural, long-term and also a cost effective procedure of hair removal.

We can conclude that body sugaring is one of the best methods of hair removal as it is safe, least painful than others and can be easily prepared at home.

Terrie Dawson