Body Odor in Children


Is it a Sign of Early Puberty?

The traditional answer to this question has been that children will start to experience body odor when they hit puberty and their bodies start to experience hormonal changes. In fact, according to our pediatrician, body odor in young children can be a warning sign of early onset puberty which is a medical condition requiring treatment. However he also assured us that unless other signs of early puberty are present, a child’s body odor is usually nothing to be worried about. Early body odor can also be a sign of early maturation of the adrenal gland, which is usually does not required medial intervention.
Do see your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

There are several theories as to why early puberty and early body odor are becoming more common in todays children. According to, higher body mass indexes result in higher levels of leptin in a developing child which can trigger the start of puberty.  Lack of exercise and less healthy diets can result in heavier children than in past generations. A second theory is that children are under more stress than in times past and that this stress itself can set off early puberty.  And finally, studies have shown a link between exposure to certain chemicals and hormonal changes including body odor.We do know our environment is full of endocrine disrupting chemicals and man-made environmental estrogens found in pesticides,industrial chemicals, household products, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. We also know that our food is becoming less and less natural, more refined and increasingly adulterated with preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and cheap non-food fillers and additives. These factors could very well contribute to earlier body odor in children.

So what can you do about your child’s body odor?

According to, it is best to find a mild deodorant as opposed to an antiperspirant as sweating is a healthy detoxifying function of the body. Especially avoid products containing phthalates or other chemicals such as aluminum, proplyene glycol, triclosan, and parabens. Do your research and find the most natural deodorant that works for your child.

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