BlenderBottle Versatility: Fun Uses and Recipes


Bottle blenders are such amazing devices, and something every home should have at least one of. If you’re like me, you live off of these things. They are similar to a traditional blender, but with no motor. You are force that provides the power for blending, using a revolutionary mixing ball, that keeps lumps out of your smoothies and mixtures, which is included with every bottle.

It’s remarkable how many people own one or more of these devices, and use them on a regular basis. The wire whisk ball moves around inside when you shake the bottle, essentially mixing everything together quite well. It’s a low-tech, high-energy device that is incredibly handy, and can be versatile in use.

Without question, my bottle blender of choice is the BlenderBottle. I own at least 6 of these things, and prefer the ProStak model because of the attachable storage jars that can hold powders, supplements, etc. If you consume multiple powders in a day, the GoStak system is a great solution, which uses multiple compartments. Great for on the run or while traveling. GNC, CVS, even Walgreens offer their own basic versions of this design. They have even become the “go to bottle” for many, even if there is no need for mixing.

One bottle that I have at home is solely dedicated to being used as another utensil in the kitchen. I make scrambled eggs almost every weekend using it. We also use it for making gravy, mixing pancake batter, mixing spices together for a good dry rub, salad dressings, and other similar uses.

So this got me thinking, I wonder what other people use their bottle blenders for?

Bottle Blenders Uses & Recipes

1.) Scrambled Eggs – A staple in our home for breakfast, in addition to French Toast. Both of which, a bottle blender can be used to whisk the ingredients together easily.

Scrambled Eggs Recipe

28 oz bottle blender of your choice
1 Dozen Organic Eggs
Splash of Raw or Organic Whole Milk
5-8 Dashes of Hot Sauce (Tabasco is my favorite)
8-12 turns from organic pepper grinder
6-8 turns from salt mill (himalayan crystal salt)


Add and shake. Pour straight into pan from the bottle.

2.) Iced Coffee or Latte –  Recently, I found that bottle blenders are perfect for mixing up my iced coffee.

Chocolate Whey Protein Iced Coffee Recipe

28 oz bottle blender of your choice
1 Full Cup of Coffee that has reached room temp
1 scoop of Chocolate Whey Protein
5-8 Ice Cubes


Add and shake. Drink straight from the bottle.

3.) Cocktail Mixer – For those of us that occasionally enjoy an adult beverage, bottle blenders work great for mixing. It even looks a little like a cocktail mixer, doesn’t it?

4.) Mix and Pour Pancake Batter – It used to be that every time I made pancakes, I also made a pretty big mess. There was usually tons of dirty utensils and batter all over the place. Now I use a BlenderBottle to mix and pour just the right amount of batter onto the griddle.

5.) Make ready-to-pour salad dressings. Most of us know that home-made salad dressings are usually much healthier than store-bought versions. Using a bottle blender, you can mix up your favorite healthy sauces or salad dressings without any of the mess. Start with a simple balsamic vinegar and olive oil base, then add some of your favorite dried or fresh herbs, flavor pastes, fruit and shake until everything is mixed well. The spout makes it easy to pour on any salad.

Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe

Any size bottle blender of your choice
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup organic olive oil
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
2 teaspoons dark brown sugar
8-12 turns of organic pepper grinder
4-6 turns from salt mill (himalayan crystal salt)


Add and shake. Pour onto salad.

Share Your Experience with Bottle Blenders

So again, if you’re like me, you might have half a dozen or more of these bottles in your pantry.  Do you have recipes that you use or have some fun ways that you’ve been using your bottles? Share with us in the comments section.

Share this article with friends and family, and maybe change someone’s life with this amazing device.


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