Blackberries – The Little Black Dress of Foods!


Blackberries do not always get the same amount of press as strawberries or blueberries, do, but if you are serious about a healthy, detoxifying diet, they are definitely a food that you should consider adding to the bill of fare. Learn more about these amazing little fruits below. They truly are the little black dress of the food world — they go with anything and leave you looking great!

A Great Dieting Tool
Blackberries are rich in compounds that stimulate the metabolism and encourage natural weight loss, and in addition to this they are very hydrating, containing about 85% water. A one-cup serving of these berries contains only 62 calories and also give you about one-third of the fiber you will need every day: fiber is also a great aid to weight loss, as it improves the digestion and also makes you feel fuller for longer. The sweetness of the berries will also help you get your sugar fix in a healthy, natural way.

Beauty Food
The ellagic acid found naturally in blackberries has been found to keep the skin tighter and more youthful-looking – without having to resort of surgery! It also helps nourish the skin by being rich in Vitamins A, C and E, all of which can help keep your complexion radiant. Ellagic acid has also been found to help reduce skin cell damage due to exposure to tobacco smoke or pollutants in the air.

Fights off Diabetes and Cancer
Ellagic acid has also been shown to help fight cancer cells in several laboratory studies and also helps overall immunity by helping to remove toxins from the body. In addition, blackberries are rich in pectin, which is a kind of fiber that helps bind blood sugar, making it a great tool for diabetics.

Balances the Hormones
All berries contain phytochemicals like flavonoids, tannins and phytoestrogens, but they happen to be particularly concentrated in blackberries. Phytoestrogens acts a natural form of estrogen and these can help balance the hormones, particularly for women who are dealing with the hormonal fluctuations of menopause.

Blackberries go With Anything!
If you are interested in taking advantage of the many health benefits that blackberries have to offer, there are many ways to fit this versatile food into our diet. Toss them into a salad, mix it in with your yogurt or cereal in the morning or indulge yourself with a blackberry crumble or crisp. Blackberries make a great addition to smoothies and other blended drink and blackberry lemonade is fantastic on a warm summer’s day. You could also have it as a tea or make it into a sorbet. The possibilities are endless.

However way you include it into your diet, though, one thing is for certain. You will be treating your body to the vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals it needs to keep you feeling and looking your best.

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