How Black Is Black Magic?


Just a poke on a doll or needling a lemon- and the person whom you don’t want to exist will suffer a painful demise by vomiting and strewing blood.- well that is the common idea of black magic .Do you also labour under the same belief? If yes, then its time you need to delve a little deeper and explore how profound your ideas on the darker magic are

From criminology to psychology, the ambit of black magic seems to have seen a wider vista than ever before. There was a time when the so-called ‘black’ magic was supposed to be practiced by a handful of people, most often outcasts, who were believed to be adept at using ‘tricks’ to control anyone’s conscious or self. Undoubtedly, a movie buff seems to know all about the Dakinis, Wiccans, Socerers, Trantrics, Voodoo practitioners and every that relates to black magic. So it might be the time to go beyond what movie makers have presented to all till date, and unearth the true mystery that lies within.

On Black Magic

Simply put, such magics are extremely complete to practice and anyone wishing to practice it needs many years of rigorous practice to get it done in the way it should be done. Any negligence while following the rituals can even lead to fatality. It can be practiced in a number of ways. Let’s have a look.


Love spells, money spells, charm spells, you might have heard a lot about all of them. What you might have not known yet is, spells are one of the most used practices among black magic enthusiasts. For example, if your friend expresses his surprises on getting helplessly and uncannily attracted to the girl he sees everyday at the bus stand, chances are that he is under a spell! In fact, in the age when most people do not mind facing a change of priorities, eventually letting love and emotions take a back seat, relationships undoubtedly witness brittleness. It is where love spell can perform multiple tasks, aiding to re-create mutual love and shielding emotions. Similarly, money spells will work for people looking for financial security. So as you can see, casting spells, though tagged as a ‘black’ magic, not always leaves dark consequences.

The Tantric Connection

In Sankrit, the word ‘Trantra’ is precisely pronounced as ‘Tan Tro’. It is a conjugation of two words ‘Tan’, which refers to body and ‘tro’ means protection. Together, they mean the act to protect one’s body. However, the word ‘Tantra’ by itself has been explained in different ways. While it is widely acknowledged as a means of self realization, many tantra enthusiasts maintain that it is a wisdom that can either pave the path to provoke inflicting pains to others, or to encourage the practioner to devote willingly to the service of mankind. Which way should a true Tantric tread on? Do you have a personal opinion?

Dakini Vidya

As per the ancient Hindu Puranas, Dak is an aquintance of Lord Shiva. Dak is married to ‘Dakini’, alternatively called Dayan, Dak is basically a pisacha or a demon who prefers nocturnal atmosphere and take the guise of birds. Dakini tries not to touch the ground but stays on graveyards or abandoned buildings. Perhaps, this is a reason why women staying alone at remote, abandoned places are branded as ‘Dayans’ in India.

The Wiccans
Supporters of Wiccan way of magic believe that casting spells have nothing to do with black magic. Rather, it is just a basic natural law that very few understand. While the viability of Wiccan way of practicing magic is questioned in many quarters, the Wiccans prefer remaining content by the fact that it at least works for them, if not for others. They have a number of rituals to follow, and primarily practice fertility spells, healing spells, romance spells and spells that eradicate evil influences.

Author: Satyajit Seal is an expert writer with 7 years of experience in content writing. Through this content he trying to focus how  black magic make a hallucination to the Indian people and takes interest in exploring ritual magic practices that exist worldwide.

Satyajit Seal
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