Beyond Cooking- 11 Amazing Uses for Cornstarch


Cornstarch is a fine, powdery starch that is made out of corn. It is one of those things you probably have hiding in the back of your pantry, but you aren’t really sure what to use it for. Cornstarch, also sometimes called cornflour, is produced by grinding, washing and drying the endosperm of the corn until it reaches that fine, powdery state. Cornstarch is gluten free.

11 Extraordinary Uses For Cornstarch

Cure Sunburn
You can cure sunburn with cornstarch. Make paste of cornstarch and water. Apply this paste on the affected areas and let it becomes dry, after which you can wash the area with lukewarm water.

Bug Bites
Applying a cornstarch paste to a bug bite can help keep it clean and dry while minimizing itchiness. Combine 3 tablespoons of cornstarch with cold water and thick paste. Use a gauze pad or cotton ball to apply to the affected area.

Substitute For Eggs
Corn starch can be used as an excellent substitute for eggs in recipes. Mixture of soy milk powder, corn starch and water can be used as egg replacer in many preparations.

Treat Burns
You can treat burns with cornstarch. Mix cornstarch, baking soda and warm water. The amount of cornstarch and baking soda should be one tablespoon each and the amount of water should be eight cups. Dip gauze or cloth in this mixture and apply on the burnt skin. Leave it for half an hour.

Face Cleaner
Use cornstarch as a face cleaner. Add two tablespoon each of cornstarch and glycerin along with half cup of water. Keep these things in double boiler and heat until it is thick. Use this mixture to clean the face instead of soap.

Underarm Odor
You can resolve the underarm odor by using cornstarch. Apply rubbing alcohol on the underarm area. Apply cornstarch after this.

Dry shampoo
Cornstarch is a great dry shampoo for greasy, slightly stinky hair, no matter which species is involved. Don’t have the time or inclination to wash? Dust some cornstarch in and then brush it out, allowing this lightweight powder to lift away grease and dirt.

Remove Oil Stains
Corn starch helps you remove stubborn oil stains in the driveways. Sprinkle starch on the oil stains, keep it overnight and rinse it in the morning.

Ease diaper rash
You can effectively bathe away your baby’s diaper rash by soaking the affected area in a bath with cornstarch added. The starch will help calm irritation and promote healing of the skin.

Stubborn knots can be a pain. Apply a little cornstarch to act as a dry lubricant so you can more easily pull knotted thread, string, ribbon, and other materials around while you’re working to pull them apart. Handy for those of us who constantly seem to end up with our shoelaces in a knot!