Beware: 6 Types Of Water Make Hair Falling Out


Hair loss was not only caused by the use of wrong hair care products. As reported by Boldsky page, hair loss also caused the water you use to wash it.

The water contains chlorine, for example, is not recommended to wash. Therefore, this type of water can threaten the health of the hair. Therefore, you should identify the types of water that can cause hairs loss below.

1. Water chlorine

Chlorine is usually plenty of water contained in the pool. This mineral is used to keep pool water free from viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, high levels of chlorine can adversely affect the hairs. It is therefore recommended that you use head coverings while swimming.

2. Hard water

Hard water contains magnesium, calcium, silica, and high levels of dissolved minerals. The content can cause dryness, damage, and thinning hair. Silica contained in hard water can also cause dandruff which leads to hair loss.

3. Brine

This type of water can eliminate the moisture in the hair. Consequently hair dry, brittle and damaged. Hair loss can also continuously resulting in baldness.

4. Rainwater

Many assumed that the rain water is very good for washing hair. Rain water can be harmful to the hair following the increasing levels of air marshals. As a result, hairs becomes dry. In addition, acid rain is also considered to be very harmful to the hair.

5. Surface water

Surface water that is pumped from lakes and rivers contain minerals that fewer and sometimes have been contaminated by the environment and the pollution that triggers the development of bacteria. Chlorine and lime was added to the water to kill bacteria. Both chemicals that eventually lead to dry hair and loss.

6. Ground water

Ground water comes from rain water that passes through the layers of the earth and settled in the basement. Minerals such as iron and magnesium, which are found in the soil it can also be found in the groundwater. Mineral is certainly cause dry hairs and less shiny.


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