Best Ways to Alkalize the Body Today


There has been a lot of recent attention in the media on the news, in natural health blogs, even in mainstream medical journals about the importance of the acid-base balance in the body. More and more research is coming to light that a slightly acidic, low pH (associated with a typical American diet of meats and refined grains) puts people at greater risk for a number of serious chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Fortunately there are ways that people can naturally alkalize their bodies, raising the pH slightly to help prevent the onset of these diseases. Below are some of the best ways to achieve this slightly alkaline state which can make such a big difference in long-term health.

Make Some Restrictions

One of the best ways to raise the pH is to cut out foods from the diet which have an acidic affect upon the body: meats (both red and white) as well refined flours and sugars. Replace them instead with whole grain products and plant-based proteins like nuts, seeds and legumes. Plant-based foods in general tend to have an alkalizing effect, with the exception of the highly processed one already mentioned.

Balance It Out

If acidic foods are eaten at a meal, be sure to balance those foods out with other that have a more alkalizing effect. Some people believe that it is best to have a 1 to 2 ratio: that is, for every one acidifying food, eat two that will alkalize to counteract it. For example, if someone ate eggs (which are acidifying) for breakfast, they could scramble them up with spinach (which is alkalizing) and have a half a grapefruit on the side (which also has an alkalizing effect).

Choose Beverages Wisely

Even though apple cider vinegar and lemons are acidic in themselves, they have an alkalizing effect upon the body. It is recommended that people drink 1-2 glasses of water a day to which 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar have been added. Another option is to drink a 1-2 glasses of water to which the juice from half a lemon has been squeezed in. Both of these drinks have the effect of raising the pH of the body just slightly and putting into a healthy range.

Eat a High Potassium Diet

Foods which are high in potassium also tend to be foods which have a distinctly alkalizing effect upon the body. Good sources of potassium include lemons and other citrus fruits, honey, bananas and many leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale. Not only will this help the body’s pH balance, it is will also help with issues like blood pressure; potassium lowers blood pressure naturally and counteracts the effects of sodium on the body.

None of the suggestions above are radical measures. However, in the matter of long-term health, they can raise the body’s pH slightly while at the same time lowering the risk of many serious chronic diseases that Americans are prone to and this is a great benefit indeed.

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