The Best Way to Improve Bad Posture: One Exercise,10 Minutes a Day


What if I told you that the best way to improve bad posture can easily be learned by utilizing ONE simple 10-minute exercise? What if I told you this exercise could not only improve the health of your spinal column in the long run but it could also alleviate the pain and poor body posture that comes with it completely?

I have recently come across an article on a website that pretty much dealt with the idea that our generation of mainly white-collar office workers is going to be less healthy in the next decades to come due to a lifestyle of poor dietary choices and exercise habits. This got me thinking about how constant sitting from 9-5 can affect our body posture in the long run. It is common knowledge that sitting all day long is not something that the human body was originally “programmed” for, and it is bound to take a toll on our health and body posture sooner or later.

The problem with poor body posture is that it is not only the result of you sitting all day long. It is also the long-and short-term consequence of excess weight, stress and constant texting on your SmartPhone. Our spinal column is originally weaker than any other muscle group in our body, so keeping it fit and strong is of utmost importance.

There is one exercise, however, that can help us battle this debilitating and painful condition while it can also ensure that our body has the strong foundations it needs to support our daily activities, be it strenuous workouts or forced office meetings.

So how do I go about fixing my posture and alleviating the pain?

  1. Lie down on your belly and keep your face parallel to the floor
  2. Very slowly lift the upper part of your body with your head pointing up (Try to lift your upper body as high as possible but NOT too far, for you may risk serious injury)
  3. Do all this by keeping your arms at your sides and hands placed on your hips.

If done right, this exercise will activate various tension-bearing leg and back muscles that over time will ensure a strong foundation for your body and overall posture.

Would you like to see how the exercise looks like? Check out this link:×407.png 


Try to break up the 10 minutes into 10 separate exercises. 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down should be one repetition. 1 set would give you 40 seconds worth of tension on the back. Rest 20 seconds, and repeat the set.

Try to do this exercise daily by slowly adding more repetitions in a given set. If you do this one exercises for at least 10 minutes every day, you will witness that your back is going to be stronger than ever, and you will also be sitting more straight. Looking forward to seeing before and after photos.

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Szabo Laszlo
I am a passionate freelance writer and an even more devoted fitness and bodybuilding blogger.I have gained invaluable expertise in nutrition, exercise and supplementation over the years. I love eating healthy and help people live a healthy lifestyle.