Best Practices? NOT!


by: Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

There are a lot of experts out there when it comes to telling you how to do your job or compete in your industry the best way. A common phrase today is “Best Practice” and it’s total bull. Best Practice to a consultant means that they will bring in all of their own vendors and do it their way. This is not an industry Best Practice but an individuals opinion. If you make widgets and you use the same practice as everyone else, what makes your widgets stand out? What makes your widget better? Absolutely nothing. So in reality there is no “Best Practice”.
Profitability is delivering your product or service with the most consistency, trust, fun, efficiency and loyalty possible to generate the highest yield for you and your company. Some of these don’t look important but please give me a few minutes to explain how they relate:
1. Consistency -You must deliver your service or goods on a highly consistent level day in and day out or you won’t succeed. View your business as a machine. One cog out of place or slowed down and your consistency is shot. That cog could be an employee, part or outside vendor.
2.  Trust – You have to trust your staff 100%. You cannot micro manage someone and expect anywhere near their best effort. Your distrust of any employee in your organization breeds distrust throughout your organization. If you eventually really can’t trust someone in your organization, then confront the issue and get rid of the bad egg. The hardest part of the conversation is the confrontation. Catchy isn’t it.
3. Fun – Really? We’re here to do a job not shoot spitballs around the factory or office. Let me tell all of you gung ho, hard charging disciplinarians something. Your style will work for a while but your turnover will be horrendous and eventually your impact will be gone and so will you. Stress breeds mistakes and if your employees are able to joke, smile and take a break every now and again they will produce so much more for you, you will be amazed. You will also be the hero of the company.
4. Efficiency – Nothing goes to waste. All processes are continually monitored and revised to meet the every changing production environment in any industry. Things change fast and if you monitor your efficiency at every station you will never be behind the curve but you will create it for everyone else.
5. Loyalty – This is truly the easy one. If you complete the previous four items every day, you will get loyalty from your employees and customers for your outstanding service to both. If your honest with both then will give you their undying loyalty.
You, the leader is what makes the company. Not pencils, Not paper, Not computers or fancy offices but YOU! Remember team building is a thing and if you learn how to motivate and stimulate your employees without making it seem like a job you will win every time.
Lynn J. Cheramie III
My name is Lynn J. Cheramie III and I'm the Founder of The Freedom Fighters of America Network. I consider myself old school. I served in the United States Marine Corps, my Father served in the Army, my Mother in the Navy and my oldest son is now in the Air Force. I have 6 children, ages 17 to 28. I love my family very much. They have a lot of honesty and integrity and that's something hard to find today.

I've lived in 13 different states from California to North Carolina and been to 36 of them. I think I have a very good understanding of our great nation. I've was also stationed in Okinawa for over a year and had the opportunity to visit several other countries.

I love our great nation. She has been spit on for far too long. Our elected officials have started acting like we know nothing and we work for them, when in reality they work for us. When we elect an official their job is to do our will, nothing less! They don't seem to realize that anymore, but we're here to teach them.

I will fight and die for my country. I hope everyone of you has thought about that possibility. Always move forward. Only look back to teach, not dwell.

We want to Free the World from the chains of Tyranny.