The Best Natural Acne Solutions


Dealing with acne can be one of the most physically and mentally stressful things men and women go through. Not only does acne lead to unsightly skin, but it can cause people to lose confidence and become anxious about their looks. People will do nearly anything to get rid of their acne.

This is why there are so many different products out there. You see them advertised on TV, in the skincare aisle of stores, and recommended to you by your dermatologist. The problem with these solutions is that they don’t often work. On top of that, they can cause side effects like dry, irritated skin and potentially more damaging ones if medicines like Accutane are used.

If you really want to get rid of acne once and for all, then you have to embrace natural acne solutions.

What Causes Acne

To understand how to get rid of acne, you first need to understand what causes it. While television commercials will tell you that acne is caused by clog pores, that isn’t entirely true. At the surface level, yes, bacteria, oil and clogged pores all play a role in leading to breakouts, but that fails to take into account the deeper issues.

The true cause of acne occurs at a deeper level. It is a result of several factors including: Hormonal imbalances, digestive and gut issues, and deficiencies in certain nutrients. Approaching your skincare regimen from this perspective will help you decide on the best solutions.


As they say, you are what you eat. Not only does the food you eat determine how your skin looks, but it can also prevent acne. On the other hand, eat the wrong food and you can cause breakouts.
The same food that helps acne is the food that is healthy in general—think vegetables and fruits. These foods contain nutrients (see below) that the body craves and are used to help keep skin healthy and functioning.

There are also foods to avoid. This includes junk food, but also includes dairy. The reason dairy should be consumed in limited quantities or altogether for those suffering from acne is that dairy contains hormones. It comes from the milk of animals designed to help the baby animals grow through hormones. This can cause hormonal imbalances, which is a huge factor in acne. Another reason dairy can cause acne is because many people simply have a hard time digesting it. This will then lead to digestive issues which may manifest themselves onto your face via acne.


As mentioned above, eating the right foods plays a critical role in stopping acne. Yet oftentimes, we fail to get the proper amount of nutrients through food alone so we have to rely on supplementation. Fortunately, instead of taking handfuls of pills, you can narrow down the nutrients that are most vital for skin health. These include vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc and a few others. Consider taking these supplements in pill form if you feel that you may be deficient.

Also, it is important to note that vitamin D can be synthesized through sun exposure. Getting 15-20 minutes of sunlight will help you get that vitamin D, without causing any sun damage.

Lifestyle Habits

There are also certain habits that can affect the quality of your skin. Some of them have to do with general health, others specifically with skin. Here are a few:

  • Lack of Sleep: Sleep is one of the most, if the not the most, important factor in your health. Studies show that lack of sleep can affect nearly every aspect of the body— the skin is no exception. During sleep, our bodies are able to repair and rest. Repairing and regenerating skin occurs during sleep and if you fail to get enough of it, then you are going to be susceptible to breakouts.
  • Hot Showers: Our skin is coated in a delicate layer of oil. Skin issues can occur when this balance is disrupted. So if you take long, hot showers then you are going to be disrupting the balance on your face, causing dry skin. This leads the body to compensate by producing more oil which in turn leads to more breakouts. Stick with short and cooler showers.
  • Too Many Chemicals: There are so many skincare products out there, and some people feel like they have to use as many as they can. This can easily lead to skin irritation. Remember: Less is more, especially when it comes to natural skincare. The first step you should take to avoid chemicals is to use homemade natural soap, instead of the store-brand.
  • Exercise: Some people are concerned with sweat leading to breakouts, but exercise is important because it promotes healthy blood flow and good hormonal levels.


Before putting your health and wallet on the line with expensive creams and pills, you should implement as many of the natural acne solutions as you can. Start doing them one by one, and eventually you will be able to target the main culprit of your acne.

Trevor Bailey