Best Home Exercise Equipment


There is no doubt that exercise is very beneficial to the body, it enables us to burn body fat and loads of calories. It’s good for the heart and the respiratory tract, like our heartbeat, increases so as the sweat glands secretions which strengthen our heart muscle and protect it from heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetes.

Exercising has many psychological benefits, it reduces the tension, nervousness, depression and insomnia, as a result of psychological pressure that we are going through on a daily basis. It also gives us a sense of power, vitality and the ability to get things done easily. And the feeling of permanent youth you get after each exercise, regardless of age.

However, there are a lot of people who cannot exercise outside their homes for lack of time and weather conditions. Home exercise equipment is great devices to train without leaving your home and give amazing results for its users. They’re cheaper than sports clubs, which are usually expensive and constrained by certain dates and regulations. That is why, dear reader, we have established here a list of best sports equipment that may be used for all possible exercises to keep the body fit and healthy.

Top fitness equipment for home:

1. Jump Rope:

Jump or skipping rope is the cheapest tool to exercise inside in the house and outdoors. It helps burn plenty of calories and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body, it also works to tighten the back and the abdominal muscles. Exercising for 15 minutes alone burns 200 calories and equivalent to an hour of walking and a half hour of jogging. Now you have an alternative exercise for this winter season without leaving your home.

2. Kettlebell:

Kettlebell is a ball-shaped barbell with a single handle. This Russian weight tool is made from heavy iron used widely in weightlifting to strengthen the back, arms, legs, and the abdominal muscles.

3. Rowing Machine:

Water rowing machines are like water kayaking tool that can be used in home gyms and commercial facilities. You don’t have to be professional in rowing, simply follow the use instructions and enjoy the exercise. This machine has many benefits, such as increasing the level of fitness, strengthening the body’s muscles and estimated to work %84 of muscle mass. Also, to stimulating blood circulation and burning over 1000 calories per hour, this machine is characterized as being suitable for all people and even the elderly.

4. Spin Exercise Bicycle:

This machine is one of the most prevalent sports equipment, cheap and considered as an aerobic tool. It works to activate the body and maintains fitness, and stimulate the heart, they are ideal for strengthening the abdomen, back and buttocks muscles.

5. Elliptical Trainer:

The elliptical trainer offers a great aerobic exercise and doesn’t cause excessive pressure on the joint, hence decreasing the risk of impact injuries. The machine relies on the momentum and speed for better results and strengthens the abdomen, back, buttocks muscles and the heart.

6. Treadmill:

The treadmill is one of the most popular machines for exercising, it can be used for walking, jogging and running. It doesn’t take much in the home and can be cheaper than a gym membership, some will even fold away for easy storage. The control panel displays speed, the number of heartbeats, calories burned and how long you have been exercising. It tightens the muscles of the whole body and stimulates blood circulation.

7. Free Weights:

Free weights are great tools to build muscle and can be used with video workouts at home. There are several types of free weight and various sizes.


8. Recumbent Cycle:

The recumbent cycle has a seat and backrest to provide greater comfort during exercise, help to strengthen the back and buttocks muscles and reduce stress on the knees compared to a regular bike. This machine stimulates the heart and blood vessels, which is ideal for people who suffer from heavy weight problems.



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