The Best Foods for Testosterone Support


Just as estrogen and progesterone levels are of great important to women, testosterone levels are really important to guys. And especially after age 50, testosterone levels can begin to gradually decline. What’s more, the decline can happen so slowly that a man is not always aware of it until the levels get quite low indeed. Aside from the issues of sexual function this can cause, low testosterone levels also put men at risk for fatigue, weight gain, depression and even osteoporosis. However, there are dietary tricks men can learn to help support healthy testosterone levels, no matter what their age. Read on to find out more about what foods are best for this condition.


There is probably a reason why oysters have the reputation for being an aphrodisiac – they are absolutely loaded with zinc, a mineral which is necessary for the body to produce testosterone. A single 3-ounce serving of oysters, in fact, can provide over 500% of the RDA for zinc! (1)

Olive Oil

The benefits of olive oil have long been known, particularly when it comes to the promotion of heart health. However, it is also beneficial for men since regular consumption of olive oil has been shown to be associated with higher testosterone levels. (2)


Beans of any kind are a great source of not only zinc but iron and protein, all of which are needed for the body to manufacture testosterone. They also are good for the general health of the body, and a healthy body is more efficient at testosterone production. (3)


Consuming nuts like almonds, cashews, pecans and peanuts can also help boost or maintain testosterone at a healthy level. That is because these nuts are rich in many of the minerals, vitamins and other compounds that the body uses to manufacture this hormone to begin with. (4)


Garlic is rich in two active compounds, quercetin and allicin, which have been shown, among other things, to suppress the body’s manufacture of cortisol, a stress hormone which been linked to a slowed or halted production of testosterone. Lower cortisol levels, therefore, mean that the body can produce testosterone more easily. (5)


Salmon made this list not because of its Omega-3 fatty acids (although these are great for anyone’s health) but because it is one of the few natural dietary sources of Vitamin D, which in turn is necessary for the health of the male reproductive system and for testosterone production. (6)

None of these foods are exotic or expensive – and they can be found on the shelves of any regular grocery store. But regular consumption of them can help men in particular who are over age 50 and who are wanting to naturally maintain normal testosterone levels to promote continued healthy hormone production.

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