Best DIY Natural Exfoliation Regimen for Healthy Skin Turnover


Wake up to healthy, smooth, and radiant skin every morning! Easily following this DIY natural exfoliation regimen with a combination of organic soap will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth.

Step 1: Begin Your Day with Water and Lemon

Start your day with an 8oz glass of room temperature lemon water to kick start your body’s metabolism and allow for easier flushing of toxins. Benefits to lemon water include: reduction in blemishes, weight loss, high levels of vitamin C, potassium and increase in energy.

Step 2: Wash Hands

Wash your hands prior to washing the exfoliation area to avoid transferring bacteria.

Step 3: Exfoliate with an Organic Soap

Cleanse the exfoliation area using an organic soap for a natural, deep cleanse without the risk of chemicals or over-drying your skin.

Step 4: Natural Exfoliation

Exfoliating naturally will keep the skin’s moisture and remove dead skin cells revealing fresh and healthy skin. Healthy skin turnover is vital in terms of the appearance of skin, unclogging pores, and keeping the skin blemish free. There are several natural exfoliation options; the best is a DIY natural exfoliation regimen consisting of organic brown sugar, natural extracts and organic honey.

Organic brown sugar will gently – yet effectively – remove dead skin cells, bacteria and smooth rough skin without the use of synthetic chemicals. It contains glycolic acid, a natural bacteria fighter which is effective and gentle enough for sensitive skin. The size of the brown sugar prevents tears in the skin as it removes the dead cells. If the benefits will not hook you, the affordability and scent certainly will!

Natural extracts can be found by themselves or infused in organic soap bars like castile soap. Natural extracts are un-tampered pieces of plant life which bring medicinal value to skin care. Different extracts have specific benefits, but they all share a common goal – healthy skin.

Below is an example of the benefits of natural extracts:

  • Aloe Vera: correct redness and blemishes.
  • Lavender: anti-inflammatory properties, antiseptic and sedative effects.
  • Green Tea: promotes cellular metabolism and health, awakens skin, and reduces blemishes

Finally, organic honey is superb for moisturizing and soothing skin which needs healing. This is a recommended ingredient for acne prone skin. Honey acts as a natural antibacterial, is easy to apply, and is budget friendly.

Exfoliation Recipe:

  • Mix half a cup of organic brown sugar with half a cup of organic honey with free standing natural extracts.

OR   –

  • Wash the exfoliation area with exfoliating soap and add half a cup of organic sugar and half a cup of organic honey.

Step 5: Massage in Circular Motions

Massaging the ingredients in a circular motion on the treatment area allows for an increase in circulation and better coverage. The relaxing feeling is also a plus!

Step 6: Let It Sit

Allow the exfoliating ingredients to sit for up to a minute after massaging them into the skin. This allows for maximum absorption.

Step 7: Rinse Off

Rinse off the exfoliating ingredients and follow with a natural moisturizer to maintain glowing skin.

Delve into the power of a natural exfoliation and enjoy the perks of sooth, healthy, and affordable skin. Do you prefer to add an exfoliating soap into your natural exfoliating routine, or do you simply apply the exfoliating mixture? Let us know in the comment areas.



Audrey Lefebvre