Bentonite clay : An excellent internal and external detox agent


Those who are homemade wine crafters may know of bentonite clay as a clarifying agent.  Its clarifying qualities are due to its strong negative electrical charge it helps to pull the sediment to it and reduce the likelihood of clouding of the wine.

Others may recognize it for its skin-beautifying properties.  It is often used as a natural beauty mask, to help pull impurities out of the skin’s pores and to help soften and smooth the skin.  But the detoxifying qualities of this unique clay are even more far reaching in their practical use and can have a profound effect on your health.

Bentonite’s powerful detox qualities

Bentonite is basically aged volcanic ash.  It is well known for its transformation into a powerful negatively charged particle when it is hydrated into a paste or taken internally and mixed with digestive liquids and water.

It is because of this negative charge that the particles are so effective at scrubbing for positively charged toxins that have invaded the body. They act as a “magnet” for these toxins, plaques and other built up materials that don’t belong in the body or on the skin, pulling them away from their surface or attracting them to itself in order to flush it away.

The clay has an alkaline effect when taken internally and therefore may be healthy for replenishing healthy flora in the intestinal tract and keeping the unhealthy kind from flourishing as they do in an acidic internal environment.  It is often used in natural detox products as a component which helps to cleanse the walls of the intestines and colon since it has such a powerful absorbent pull.

It is a perfect detox product for those embarking on a weight loss regimen.  It helps kick start the body by cleansing out the toxins that may have been built up from an unhealthy diet, and gives your body a fresh start to be ready to accept and effectively absorb healthy and therapeutic foods.

Since bentonite has such an absorbent nature, you may even see it in some of the natural cat litter alternatives. It is very effective at absorbing odors from the surrounding area, and is a nontoxic material to humans and animals which makes it a logical additive.

Bentonite clay makes an excellent deep pore cleansing mask

For those that are worried about acne or simply need to perform a deep-cleaning on their skin without irritating it or drying it out, bentonite clay makes a perfect mask.  Bentonite clay comes in the form of a silt-like powder that is very fine and has an almost velvety feel when dry.

Simply take the powder and blend it with purified water, usually equal parts water or other liquid and bentonite clay will make a nice mask that applied evenly and adheres to the skin well. You can add any essential oils that you would like as well.

Some options for oily skin would be tea tree oil, lavender oil, or any othe citrus fruit oils.  If you have skin that’s dry or combination, you can use rose oil, sea buckthorn oil or carrot seed oil which help add moisture and balance to the skin. The great thing about bentonit clay is that even though it deeply cleans and attracts impurities out of the skin, it does not dry the skin so it is perfectly effective on skin that tends to be on the dry side as well.

You can even make a hair mask ouf of it by mixing it with equal parts water and your choice of hair-healthy essential oils or other oils such as melted coconut oil, argan oil or jojoba oil if you struggle with an oily scalp.  Bentonite clay will help clarify the hair, removing buildup that weighs the hair down, and depending on your type of hair, any oils added to the mask can also help replenish moisture.

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