Benefits of black beans and buying, storing, cooking tips


One of the healthiest legumes you could possibly eat is black beans. These beans provide nourishment and healing to the digestive systems. They also help the bacteria in your gut produce an acid called butyric acid. This type of acid is essential for keeping the lining of the colon healthy while also preventing types of cancers from forming.

The bean contains large amounts of insoluble fiber as well, which is essential for pushing toxins and waste out of the digestive system with ease. This super food can even help regulate blood sugar levels, prevent type 2 diabetes, prevent heart disease and reduce inflammation within the body.

What exactly are black beans?

Black beans are also commonly known as turtle beans. These small shiny dark beans are most popular in Latin American cuisine dishes as well as Cajun. The beans are usually used to replace meat because they are hearty and provide a healthy dose of protein to the body. The legumes are also a good source of carbohydrates to help fuel the body and they contain a small percentage of healthy fats.

Best of all, these little super beans take on the flavor of whatever dishes you use them.

Where can the beans be bought?

You can buy the beans in raw form at health food stores, whole food grocery shops and regular grocery stores. Sometimes you can find them in authentic farmers markets too. However, beans in the raw form usually have to soak in a bowl of water overnight before they can be cooked to help soften them up.

If you want, an easy way to indulge in these turtle beans, it is best to purchase an organic can full of them instead. Canned black beans only need to be warmed up and seasoned, or added to the main dish you desire to use them in during cooking. Black beans are affordable and do turn any dish into a comforting filling one.

How can turtle beans be stored?

If you want to keep black beans on hand in your pantry at all times, it is best to store them in an air tight container in a cool dry dark area until you are ready to use them. Canned black bean can stay stored in the pantry up until the expiration date says they expire. You can also cook raw black beans ahead of time and freeze them to use later to save time and energy. However, these beans always taste the best when they are freshly made, seasoned and eaten right after the cooking process.

How are these beans cooked?

Cooking raw black beans is a bit tricky, but with a bit of patience you can easily make up a batch. All you need to do is measure out the servings you desire and place them into a bowl of water. Make sure the water is coating the beans well. However, make sure the dish you place them in has plenty of room for the beans to expand.  After, allow the beans to soak overnight. By morning, you can place the beans in boiling water and cook them until they are tender. Then, you can strain the water and use the beans in any dish you desire. You can even leave them as they are and add seasonings and dressings to help add delicious flavor. Just do not add in salts or acids until the beans are done cooking because this will prevent them from becoming tender.

Bottom Line

As you have just learned black beans are healthy to eat and help make any meal hearty and comforting.

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