The Benefits Of Adopting A More Expansive Perspective On Health


Many people equate health with focusing on the physical body, but outstanding radiant health encompasses more. Outstanding radiant health encompasses one’s surroundings, the psychological realm, and the spiritual realm. When people expand their focus to include these areas, they will not only experience outstanding health. They will also live a more satisfying and productive life. Granted, paying attention to the physical body is helpful, but it’s not the only thing to focus on. In many ways, what’s happening inside will display itself through the outside. And, the outside world will also change what is happening on the inside. The connection is always there.

External Surroundings

Physical health will involves paying attention to the environment. Air quality is one thing a person might pay attention to. If there’s too much air pollution in the place where one lives, it can lead to breathing problems or the presence of more toxins in the body. In some cases, it can increase the risk of cancer or add to the emotional stress of life.

Something else in the environment which might be overlooked in maintaining physical health is the presence of EMF disturbances or even geopathic stress. A person might address the problem of EMF by using EMF protection products. Geopathic stress is a special situation requiring the expertise of someone who knows how invisible energy flows around the environment. This could be a feng shui practitioner, dowser, or geomancer. Once these energetic balances are neutralized, a person will usually notice that their immune system becomes stronger. They will also have more physical energy and find it easier to focus.

Perhaps the other unintended side benefit of focusing on the external environment is it encourages a person to expand their horizons in life. A focus on improving one’s surroundings can lead to a focus on ecological practices which protect the environment, supporting all life on the planet. A heavier focus on Feng Shui to correct imbalanced energy in the environment will have other benefits as well. A person who learns more about Feng Shui could make other adjustments. This could lead to  better relationships and more business success.

A focus on the improvement of the external environment can also cause a person to learn more about aesthetics and design. These principles can be valuable for emotional balance,  on the visual level. On other levels, increased knowledge of aesthetics and design will improve communications, help organize thinking, and even stimulate creativity.

The Psychological Realm

The thoughts we think and the emotions we feel have an impact on physical health. If a person is angry and identified with negative thinking, it weakens the body. The answer is to witness and pay closer attention to the aware space where thoughts and emotions arise.

This type of practice can have many other benefits as well. The more a person brings awareness to awareness along with the thoughts and emotions that come up, the more introspective they will be. Eventually, this focus gives the person a better idea of how their internal world motivates their behaviors, whether constructive or destructive.

Awareness of the cause-effect relationship of psychological processes on destructive behavior is invaluable. The more conscious a person is of this process, the more easier it’s going to be for that person to stop doing what does not serve them. Conversely, the less conscious a person is of how their thoughts and emotions are causing destructive behavior, the harder it’s going to be to change and to stop self-destructive behavior.

Contrary to popular belief, people can and do change. It’s more a matter of bringing awareness to consciousness and then directing it towards every thought, emotion, and behavior. The more this happens, the more a person is able to break out of the trance of unconscious decision-making. A person is able to stop themselves from engaging in impulse behaviors which seem to occur before the person even realizes what’s going on.

There are many other benefits to bringing attention within. It can open up access to intuition. Paying closer attention to the space where thoughts and feelings arise can encourage discernment as to whether the thoughts we encounter make any sense.  Often, they do not. Observing thoughts and emotions from the witness perspective can also cause us to look more closely at our personality and character. When we pay very close attention to our personality and character, we’re more likely to act for the highest benefit of everyone and everything on the planet. This has very significant implications for any service work we’re involved in.

If people pay attention to and follow intuition, they might also open themselves up to the phenomenon of sychronicity and serendipity. Life seems to take on a magical experience. In the case of synchronicity, you experience and see meaningful events even though they might not have a causal relationship. The phenomenon of serendipity allows you to experience events which work in some unknown way to your benefit.

When people pay close attention to the inside world, it can also spill over into being aware of the dreams we have. The more people pay attention to the dreams they have, while they are in the act, and after it happens, the more people gain access to a new source of information. While dreams might not seem special in the beginning, they are in some cases connected to imagination, inspiration, and the activity of the unconscious mind. A closer and deeper understanding of dreams will encourage more creativity and self-understanding.

The Spiritual Realm

The spiritual realm can also affect the physical body as well. There are many instances of of prayer having a positive effect in cases  where traditional medicine could not make a difference. The spiritual realm of life encompasses much more than prayer, meditation, and the visiting of an ashram or church.

The spiritual level also covers the functioning of a person’s chakras, the condition of their aura, the etheric body, and the astral body. All of these can have a marked effect on physical health. For example, if a person’s chakras are out of balance, it can affect different organs in the body. The presence of energetic cords between different people can also have an effect on physical health. Often, it leads to a loss of energy in the body. Knowing how to neutralize the effects of these cords, (which will sometimes happen because of emotional attachment), is going to be helpful, not only on the physical level, but on the level of relationships.

A person does not have to be psychic to keep themselves balanced on the spiritual level. A knowledge of energy work, however, is going to be helpful. With this knowledge, a person can increase their ability to heal themselves, open up their subtle senses, expand their perceptions, and look through different life situations from an expanded perspective. All of these skills are valuable, not just on the level of health, but also in many other areas of life.

Relying on the expertise of someone who knows a lot about energy work can help a person gain significant insight into the energy body system and how it works. If you know about the imbalances which can occur at this level, you can deal with it more easily. (You’ll also see that they have a marked effect on your health, and the way you think and act). It opens up your perception and knowledge of the world too.

If you also know the effects seemingly invisible negative energy can have on you, it makes you look at all the situations and people in your life differently. You start looking at everything on ever more subtle levels. And, when you do that, you pay greater attention to the intricate details of life, encouraging your consciousness to expand even further to encompass more.

For me, it’s caused an increased interest in topics such as space clearing, auric repair, energetic imbalances, and even the effects of karma. An understanding of all of these topics is very helpful, in keeping the environment positive, in bringing more positive, clear energy into the body, and in further strengthening personality characteristics. These include traits linked to proper use of power, character, integrity, honesty, love, wisdom, and humility.

Focused and expansive consciousness on the physical, psychological, and spiritual level enriches the experience of life. Properly directed, expansive consciousness can drive the individual movement towards expressing the best in ourselves and bringing out the best in others. It can cause a person to leave a lasting impact on everything which exists.